2019 Global Honors Application
Welcome to the Global Honors online application! We are currently reviewing applications for Autumn 2019 and welcome submissions from current UW Tacoma freshmen, sophomores, and incoming transfer students. UW Tacoma juniors are encouraged to contact the Global Honors office directly to discuss their options (ghonors@uw.edu).

As space is limited and spots are filled on a rolling basis, we urge candidates to complete submission as soon as possible. Please complete all fields below as required; incomplete submissions will not be considered. Interviews will be scheduled throughout spring and summer, until the 2019 cohort is full. If you do not yet know your UW NetID, prefer to submit a hardcopy application, or want additional information, please email us at ghonors@uw.edu.

Successful applications demonstrate a record of strong academic performance and a clear indication of the candidate's interest in global issues, as well as the ability to actively contribute to the Global Honors Program.

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Note: Your UW Tacoma cumulative GPA, rather than your transfer grades, will be the deciding factor for your admission if you have already earned at least 12 graded credits at UW Tacoma.
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Statement of Interest *
Please cut and paste a 1-2 page statement addressing: (1) Your interest and qualifications for the Global Honors Program (e.g. GPA, exposure to/interest in global issues, and/or overseas experience); (2) Your strengths and skills that will contribute to the collaborative Global Honors community (e.g. volunteer experience, leadership training, professional expertise, political activism, etc.); and (3) Your commitment to stay in this 2-3 year academic enrichment program and complete our full 25-credit curriculum (or explain your interest in one of our variable-credit certificate pathways). Please devote 1-3 paragraphs to each of the three areas listed above.
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References *
Please provide the names, titles, and FULL contact information (email, phone number, and mailing address) for two (2) references. We will contact these individuals about your candidacy (no need to ask them to write a letter). Your referees, typically college instructors, should be able to speak to your academic abilities and your potential for success in the Global Honors Program.
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How did you hear about the Global Honors Program? *
Thank you for submitting your application to the UW Tacoma Global Honors Program! PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO GHONORS@UW.EDU, notifying us of your submission. We will contact you shortly for an interview.
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