McMaster Social Sciences Society: Mentorship Family Application
This form is for Social Sciences students interested in joining an MSSS Mentorship Family.

The MSSS Mentorship Program is getting an upgrade! This year, we’d like to introduce Mentorship Families. If you’ve ever found yourself needing academic support, or giving academic support, you should consider applying for a Mentorship Family. If you’ve excelled at a specific course, completed a career placement or internship, prepared for a standardized test (i.e., MCAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.), applied for grants, grad school or an USRA, or completed other academic experiences that other students may have questions about, consider being a mentor! Alternatively, if you are preparing for a standardized test, wanting to get more involved in career opportunities, or just need support navigating through courses, consider being a mentee. You can even have the best of both worlds by being both a mentee and mentor!

Each ‘Family’ will consist of approximately two 1st year, two 2nd year, two 3rd year, and two 4th year students. Students will be matched with their families based on program. Students in these families can support and exchange academic information. Although our Mentorship program is primarily academic, students are encouraged to ask about MSSS and other Social Science non-academic events.

In addition to contacting family members online (email), events such as meet-and-greets, will be held to familiarize family members with their respective families.

Please fill out the attached application form by September 20th (11:59pm) to be considered for either a mentee, mentor, or both positions.

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