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The Global youth mental health awareness (GYMHA) Incorporated not-for-profit in collaboration Wellbeing Health Retreats presents a 2-day summit About Finding the Mindset Tools to Overcome Challenges.

This FREE summit will help attendees Find the MINDSET TOOLS TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES.
 Saturday April 23, & Sunday, 24, 2022
7:00 pm Melbourne, Australia
8:00 am GMT
2:00 am Dallas, USA
11:00 am Kenya
9:00 am Nigeria
10:00 am Zimbabwe
1:30 pm IST
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The summit will help the participants to focus on how to manage and cope with life challenges, build an unshakable core of inner strength, and thrive in a challenging world.
During this FREE 2-Day online summit, participants discover different ways of Finding the Mindset Tools to Overcome Challenges through presentations from experts including:
1. Understanding the nature and different levels of challenges

2. Highlight Major challenges affecting young people and their significant causes.

3. Youthful ways to find inner strength.

4. Train your brain.

5. When things go on unpredicted way.

6. Find your path even when everything seems dark and gloomy.

7. Positive mindset.

8. Youthful ways to find Responsibility.

9.    Failure with a different perspective

9. Youthful ways to get unstuck .

10. You are not alone

The final topic will be “You are not alone”. Even though we have challenges and stress, we need to know that being alone and dealing with adversities alone is a challenge. We shall educate the youth about consulting advice from different people when challenges and when they are needed.

This summit provides an incredible platform for people from various countries and industries to engage socialize and interact with extensive experience speakers from all over the world.

For any enquiries, please inbox the Summit Chairperson at deep.shikha.trip7@gmail.com or jude@gymha.org. Alternatively, please WhatsApp us on +61481857086.

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