Information to Support Lottery Grant Application for Outdoor Classroom at St Stephen's Primary School.
We are in the process of trying to obtain lottery funding to purchase an outdoor learning hub to be located at St Stephen's Primary School for the benefit of our pupils and the local community.

We hope that this will consist of a covered multipurpose classroom area, forest school site and community garden. In order to improve our chances of being awarded the bid, we must show that we have consulted different stakeholders and prove that there is a need, and that the space has a potential to enrich people’s lives.

Please take a few minutes to consider your responses and return to us by Friday 11th June
Thank you for helping us.
What are the outdoor facilities like in the area and are they suitable for all of the children?
What are the barriers you face in accessing good quality outdoor spaces? e.g. distance, suitability of equipment, condition of play area etc.
If you believe we need more outdoor facilities, please tell us the impact that not having access to good quality outdoor areas has on your child and family and meeting other families.
Do you think that social isolation is an issue for residents in our community? If so, how will the new community garden area help alleviate this?
What are the current levels of fitness of children? Do you think that having access to better quality outside play will improve children’s fitness?
Do you think that having an outdoor learning hub at the school would benefit families socially and get them out more?
Clear selection
We want to improve our outdoor area so that it can be used for community events and activities, for family play and to get children more active. How and when would you like to use the area? What types of community activities could we run? Would you be able to get involved and help run these?
What type of outdoor facilities would you like to see installed?
Do you have any special considerations we should take account of when planning our activities (e.g. times of day, accessibility)?
What impact has the pandemic had on the children and your family? We are particularly interested in physical and social impacts.
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