HER Hub師友計劃 - 報名表格 HER Hub Mentorship Programme - Application Form
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個人參加者請填「個人」Please fill in "individual" if you are participating in your individual capacity.
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姓名 Name: *
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語言能力 Language Proficiency: *
略懂 Basic
良好 Fair
精通 Excellent
不適用 Not Applicable
英文(閱讀) English (Reading)
英文(聆聽及口語)English (Listening and Speaking)
中文(閱讀)Chinese (Reading)
中文 – 廣東話(聆聽及口語)Cantonese (Listening and Speaking)
中文 – 普通話(聆聽及口語)Mandarin (Listening and Speaking)
工作經驗及年資, 請註明 Working Experiences and total years, please specify: *
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學歷 Academic Qualifications: *
專業資格 Professional Qualifications:
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有否有擔任師友的經驗?Have you been a mentor in the past? *
承上題,如有,請說明。Referring to the above questions, if yes, please specify it.
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其他義工經驗︰Other volunteer experiences *
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個人技能/興趣︰Your Skills / interests
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有興趣擔任師友的主題︰The themes you are interested to mentor *
如何得知是次師友計劃?How do you know this mentorship programme *
方便進行面談的時段︰Availability to meet
上午 Morning
下午 Afternoon
晚上 Evening
星期一 Monday
星期二 Tuesday
星期三 Wednesday
星期四 Thursday
星期五 Friday
星期六 Saturday
星期日 Sunday
如需特別註明,請在此填寫方便面談的時段︰If necessary, please specify your availability to meet
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