LGBT+ Mentor Scheme Signup

We are looking to introduce a 'Buddy Scheme' for LGBT+ students.

Coming to University has added stress when you're LGBT+, especially with matters such as whether or not to come out to your flatmates. In our experience, we didn't get involved with any of the LGBT+ Community when we started at Uni as we had fears of what it may entail. In my personal experience, it wasn't until I met a committee member who welcomed me and put my fears to rest, that I decided I was going to get more involved.

Hopefully, the mentoring scheme will give all students who are looking to get involved with LGBT+ Activity, the chance to make this as comfortable a process as possible. It is completely up to the 'mentee' to decide what you do, whether that's just meeting for a coffee for a chat or going to socials with the mentor to make sure the mentee knows a friendly face!

As we are hoping to match students with this form, we will be keeping a note of your email address and name so we can contact you when we start matching.

Feel free to skip any questions you do not feel comfortable asking, while we want to match students together with similar interests and experiences, we do not wish to make you uncomfortable!

Many Thanks,
Cian and Daniel on behalf of the LGBT+ Committee x

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