2020-2021 Jump Start Program Application
Application deadline is February 29, 2020. For more info about the Jump Start program, please visit thestreettrust.org/jumpstart

For information about the The Street Trust's October and May Walk+Roll events, please visit the walknbike.org or thestreettrust.org/walkroll.
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Have you spoken to your school district about the Jump Start Program? *
The schools are integral to having a successful program.
If yes, are they willing to be an active partner of the Jump Start Program? *
Without the school district on board, running an in-school program that reaches the most students with the least amount of resources is very difficult.
School District partner: Name *
We would like to contact your partner at the school district to confirm support!
School District partner: phone number and email *
This bike safety education program is 10 hours long and typically taught either 5 days in a row with 2 hour classes each day or 10 days in a row with 1 hour of instruction each day. Will this be possible for your schools to commit to? *
How many students do you expect to reach with the Jump Start Program materials? *
What are the grades you expect to reach with bike safety? *
The fleet is sized for 4-6 grade. Grades 7 and 8 can use it, but will need to supplement with bikes and helmets from home.
How many staff members/community members do you anticipate to attend the curriculum training? *
More attendees is better! Each bike safety class should have a minimum of two trained adults. This can be classroom teachers, P.E. teachers, other school staff, parent volunteers, community members, etc. You will also want dedicated volunteers for your community rides, so if you have potential volunteers identified already, inviting them to this training as well will be very helpful for you.
Will your school allow multiple days of riding off campus? *
Our curriculum involves have students spend time practicing riding at intersections and ends with a 1 hour group ride to practice the skills they've learned.
Does your school/district/organization currently provide any walking or biking education or encouragement?
If you checked anything other than none above, describe your Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety education programs currently:
What are the goals of your school/district/organization for the next 12 months regarding walking and biking? *
Additional district contact names, email addresses and phone numbers (more contacts will strengthen your application):
We can also train your educators to teach pedestrian safety education to students who are too young for bike safety (grades K-3). Would your school be interested in this education? *
Please explain what makes you feel this program will be a success in your district? *
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