Fire Survivor Needs Assessment
It's been just over six months since the fires, and the Rincon Valley Education Foundation and the Rincon Valley Union School District is looking to you to give us input on how to provide support to the members of our community that were directly or indirectly impacted by this disaster. Please take a brief moment to fill out this survey to help guide us as we continue to move forward. Your identity will remain confidential, we only ask for contact information so we can communicate future events or support opportunities with you in the future.
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At this time, do you believe you will remain in Santa Rosa?
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If you lost a personal musical instrument in the fire, has it been replaced?
If it hasn't been replaced, what kind of musical instrument?
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Would you be interested in attending a social event that was only for families directly impacted by the fires?
Are you in need of any of the following:
Would you be interested in a recipe share/recipe book?
With summer coming, are there supplies for summer that you still need?
Will you be in need of school supplies for your child in the fall?
Are there any additional resources/information that you need or that you believe is needed at this time?
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Thank you!
Thank you for your input! Everyone impacted by the fires continues to be in our hearts as we navigate this very unfamiliar terrain. Your willingness to share your current situation is appreciated and we will continue to move forward thoughtfully.
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