Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Questionnaire
Dear Lord of Westeros,
Thank you for participating in our questionnaire and sharing your valued opinion.
All information you provide will be kept confidential.
Yoozoo is developing an official Game of Thrones PC browser strategy game based on the Game of Thrones series.
Join forces with Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen and use your wits to conquer Westeros to the Iron Throne.
1. Which of the following games have you played recently? (Choose multiple) *
2. Where do you normally go to discuss game content and strats? (Choose one) *
3. How long would you spend per day on a Game of Thrones browser game? (Choose one) *
4. What kind of playstyle do you like games to emphasize? (Choose one) *
5. What kind of interaction do you like in games? (Choose one) *
6. Which of these characters from the series would you choose as your hero to develop? (Choose one) *
7. With the Game of Thrones IP being brought to a new game, what do you expect the most out of it? (Choose multiple) *
8. Why do you like the Game of Thrones series? Do you have any suggestions or expectations from a Game of Thrones game? (Open question)
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