PHS 2021-2022 Student Parking Regulations
All students that plan to drive and park on any SDPC campus must have taken Alive at 25 prior to registering for a parking permit. There will be no exceptions.

In order for students to park on campus, all vehicles must be registered with the school and properly display a current permit. Students should see Mr. Looper to register for a permit. The staff does all it can to ensure the safety of cars. However, PHS is not responsible for damage or theft. Cars parked outside the designated parking areas are subject to a parking violation ticket. To encourage academic progress and excellence in all areas, the following policies will be enforced:

1. All fees/fines owed to Pickens High School must be satisfied before students are eligible to obtain a parking permit.
2. Parking on school campus is a privilege and not a right. Students may lose their parking privilege due to issues with their behavior, grades, and/or excessive unexcused absences, and/or tardies to school.
3. A valid parking permit hangtag must be displayed from the rearview mirror and be visible in order for a vehicle to be allowed to park on school grounds.
4. Students do not have a specified parking space, but they are required to be in their assigned parking area. All spaces with YELLOW lines are for seniors, and WHITE spaces are for underclassmen. This corresponds with the student's hangtag. RED permits are for seniors. WHITE parking permits are for underclassmen in the designated area.
5. Any vehicle parked on campus is subject to search according to Act 373 of 1994.
6. Speeding, reckless operation, or making excessive noise on school property or near any school building will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action.
7. Students may not leave school campus without parent permission upon arriving in the student parking lot.
8. Vehicles are to be locked for the student's protection.
9. Students are not to enter the parking area during the day without prior permission from an administrator.
10. PENALTIES: A student who violates any of the above expectations may receive a warning, detention, monetary fine, suspension, loss of driving privileges, and/or a combination of these consequences.
11. Below are the parking violation fines:
a. No valid parking permit = $10.00
b. Parked in a teacher’s parking space = $10.00
c. Parked in wrong student lot = $5.00
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PHS 2020-2021 Parking Application
This application is for registering a vehicle by a student for securing a parking pass. Rules and regulations pertaining to on-campus parking and operation of vehicles are contained herein. Completion of this application is an agreement of the acceptance of the parking and operation rules and regulations. Students who elect to drive a vehicle on campus must complete this application form and provide a digital signature by Parent/Guardian. All fields must be completed and verified by Pickens High School before a parking pass is to be issued.
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Primary Vehicle Information
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Secondary Vehicle Information
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After reading and understanding the rules and regulations as stated on this document, the undersigned acknowledges that permission to drive and/or park a vehicle on Pickens High School campus is a privilege and not a right. In consideration for such privilege, the undersigned expressly consents to any searches of the above-described vehicle or any other vehicles driven by the applicant by administrators of PHS for any reason at any time while said vehicle(s) is on school property.
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