Hey there Grads-to-be! Got some cool St. Anne pics or videos?

We want your wacky and best moments caught on camera from school celebrations, sporting and special events, holidays, field trips, and more from any time during your K-8 years at St. Anne!

Now is your chance to "star" in your own video and share them with your classmates!

You can also record your own special message or make a group video with your friends! Share a fond memory, a valuable lesson you learned, what you enjoyed most, a special thanks, or whatever you want to express. This will be your video... with your voice and your friends... so be creative!

You may submit up to 5 short video clips (up to 30 sec.), and/or up to 5 pictures, or any combination thereof. We want everyone to contribute at least one item. If you wish you make your own video and upload it - that's great (60 seconds max, please). However, it's possible not everything you submit will be used. When uploading, you may attach multiple files at one time before you SUBMIT.

Your parent or guardian will be required to submit these files with a valid email on your behalf so we'll know the media files are 'family approved.' Due to time limitations, we may not be able to use ALL of your files. Once submitted, you cannot edit or remove the files, so please choose carefully before you hit SUBMIT.

Photos in .jpg format . Videos in .mp4 - HD quality 1920x1080 preferred, but we will accept others.
Media shot from your smartphone works great. Check your device settings before recording, frame yourselves properly to fill the screen, and make sure your audio is clear. Do a test run to make a good recording.


Questions: Please email Albert Wong awsastuff@gmail.com

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