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Ongoza is recruiting promising young entrepreneurs looking to scale their existing businesses. Our accelerator program pairs selected entrepreneurs with highly experienced Business Development Advisors and connects them to a range of expert services, trainings, links to customer opportunities, and a broader network of fellow entrepreneurs.

The accelerator will begin with an 8-week course designed to provide the business expertise necessary for growth. Outstanding entrepreneurs will then be selected to progress to the second phase of the accelerator: 10 months of 1-on-1 business advisory support, access to low-cost debt financing, skills workshops, market linkages and networking opportunities with peers, investors, etc.

Accepted entrepreneurs will pay a subsidized fee of Ksh. 5.000 at the beginning of each month.

To apply, please complete and submit this application form. Select candidates will move onto the next round of applications, which will consist of an in-person site visit and interview. Please note that entrepreneurs will be asked to present a copy of their monthly financial revenues and costs at that time.

Please contact Philip Ojuok on or (0) 723 337 498 with any questions or comments.

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