Know your Psychological Fitness
The Psychological Fitness Questionnaire is a brief assessment tool comprising 20 questions across five sections: Mood, Stress, Self-esteem, Relationships, and Coping Mechanisms. Respondents rate each statement on a scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. Higher total scores may indicate a greater need for further evaluation by a psychologist. It's designed to help individuals gauge their psychological well-being and determine if seeking professional support is necessary.
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I generally feel content and satisfied with my life. *
I experience frequent fluctuations in my mood.
I find it challenging to regulate my emotions.
I often feel overwhelmed by negative emotions.
I feel stressed more often than not.
I have difficulty coping with everyday stressors.
Stress negatively impacts my physical health.
I often feel tense or anxious.
I have a positive view of myself and my abilities.
I frequently doubt myself and my capabilities.
I often compare myself unfavorably to others.
I feel confident in handling challenges that come my way.
I have fulfilling and supportive relationships with others.
I often feel lonely or isolated.
I have difficulty communicating my feelings to others.
I experience conflicts or misunderstandings in my relationships frequently
I have healthy ways of dealing with stress and setbacks.
I sometimes engage in harmful behaviors to cope with stress.
I find it challenging to ask for help when I need it.
I often avoid confronting problems or seeking solutions.
Add up the numerical values corresponding to the selected responses for each section. A higher total score indicates a higher level of psychological distress or need for intervention. Compare the total score to a predefined cutoff point (e.g., a total score above 50 may indicate a need for further evaluation by a psychologist).Scores should be interpreted in conjunction with clinical judgment and individual circumstances.  
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