Adult-Use Recreational Marijuana Survey
If you did not attend our meeting we encourage you to review our presentation for context prior to filling out the survey. It can be found at If you have any questions or concerns email us at
Why are you interested in Adult-Use establishments in Somerville?
Where do we allow it?
What is the review process?
Should we require a local license in addition to the zoning permit? This would allows us to look at the character of the business such as whether they're locally owned, or an economic empowerment applicant.
If you responded yes to a business license, what aspects of character should we consider?
Your answer
If we do a local license, should we base it on the state guidelines or create our own standards?
Who would do local licensing?
Should we limit the number of licenses?
What information is needed in a zoning or licensing application?
Do we provide advanced help, such as expedited permitting, to medical marijuana dispensaries who wish to become dual-operators?
Do we provide advanced help to disadvantaged applicants such as economic empowerment applicants or co-ops?
Do we also permit marijuana research facilities and/or laboratories?
Does it make sense to allow commercial growing and/or micro-businesses?
Can a business selling marijuana products also sell tobacco?
Do we permit the sale of drug paraphernalia in these facilities?
Should we enact the local 3% options tax? The administration currently intends to.
Do we limit signs? We cannot limit sign messages, but could potentially limit the size and technology for signs.
Should all records provided to the state also be available to the city?
Do we establish energy use and renewable energy standards for these facilities?
Is there a value in encouraging the use of ‘organic’ product?
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