BELLRINGER: Technology 2- The "3D Printing" Thinking Sheet.
For our upcoming fun project, we will be working on creating designs to be 3D printed. Each student will get the chance to design their own object and 3D print it for their own personal use. The assignment sheet for this project needs to first be reviewed from

Check out the 3D printing idea gallery, then answer the questions below.

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Do you have any ideas for an object to design and print on our 3D Printer? Explain your ideas. *
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Are your design ideas school appropriate? *
Did you know that Mr. B. has a set of 3 really cool video tutorials for printable designs in the 3DS_MAX/TUTORIAL_PROJECTS FOLDER. They are shown below. If this project was to create one of these figures and print it, which figure would you choose? *
The Tech Lab has a varied assortment of filament colors for printing. What color would you like to print your object? *
This is an INDEPENDENT PROJECT, which means that YOU will be responsible for doing the designing of your object. Mr. B. will not put your project together for you. Which of the following will apply to you in the completion of this project?
This project is a self-paced project, but you need to begin work on it before April 23rd and you need to complete your printing by May 9th. Do you think you can complete this project in time?
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