Yale University as a Sanctuary Campus Letter
Contact Information:
Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn, gavriel.cutipa-zorn@yale.edu
Viet Trinh, viet.trinh@yale.edu
Randa Tawil, randa.tawil@yale.edu


Peter Salovey, President
Ben Polak, Provost

Dear President Salovey and Provost Polak:

In the wake of the recent Presidential election, we—the undersigned students, faculty, and workers—urge you to take immediate steps to make Yale University a sanctuary campus for students, staff, and their family members who face deportation under President-elect Donald J. Trump’s proposed policies.

Trump’s politics promise to put the undocumented members of our community at unprecedented risk. The threat to students and workers requires a concrete and tangible response from the University—not words and symbolic gestures. We write in solidarity with other students and workers across the country who have called upon their own schools to take similar action.

An internal 2011 memo declares that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are subject to certain restrictions upon entering college campuses. This puts Yale in a unique position, which it can and should use to protect its undocumented community members from law enforcement. It is the duty of this University to ensure that it remains a place that actively protects the rights and safety of its community.

(See https://www.ice.gov/doclib/ero-outreach/pdf/10029.2-policy.pdf)

Given that many students and their family members now live in fear of Donald Trump's deportation threats, we call upon the University to immediately develop a protocol for making itself a sanctuary campus. Yale has promised to be a home for all of us. A home is supposed to be safe. We owe it to the most vulnerable members of our community to do our utmost.

If we do nothing, then our stated commitments to diversity, justice, and inclusion will reveal themselves to be empty promises and hypocritical lies. At this moment, we cannot afford silence.

Awaiting Your Action,


Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn GSAS 2019
Randa Tawil GSAS 2020
Rebekah Siliezar Yale College 2018
Jacqueline Rice GSAS 2022
Nicole Chavez Yale College 2018
Sebastian Perez Yale College 2010, GSAS 2018
Yahel Matalon, GSAS 2019
Tyler Jackson Rogers, GSAS 2018
Rita Wang, Yale College 2019
Viet N. Trinh, GSAS 2020
Mark Rodgers, GSAS 2018
Mal Ahern, GSAS 2018
Peter Raccuglia, GSAS 2019
Trinh Truong, Yale College 2019
Monique Flores Ulysses GSAS 2022
Emma Keyes, Yale College 2019
Rosa Shapiro-Thompson, Yale College 2019
Henry Robinson, Yale College 2019
Scott Feiner, Yale College 2019
Byron Daniel, Yale College 2019
S Gavis-Hughson, Yale College 2019
David Townley, Yale College 2020
Maxime Lukianchikov, Yale College 2020
Huseyin Rasit, GSAS 2020
Latha Swamy, FES 2016
Tobias Holden, Yale College 2017
Alejandra Trujillo-Elizalde, Yale College 2019
Merrick Black, Yale College 2019
Emil Ernstrom, Yale College 2019
Alexander Kolokotronis, GSAS 2022
Damian Vergara Bracamontes, GSAS, 2019
Alexander Kolokotronis, GSAS 2022
Catherine Cray, Yale College 2019
Avigayil Halpern, Yale College 2019
Natalia Reyes Becerra, Yale College 2020
Abigail Waugh, Yale College 2020
Alanna Pyke, Yale College 2019
Alejandra Corona Ortega Yale College 2019
Lydia Horan, Yale College SM 2020
Caitlyn Wherry, Yale College 2019
Jérémie Koenig, GSAS 2018
Kyungjae Lee, Yale College 2020
Alfredo Calvo, Yale College 2020
Chris McGowan GSAS 2020
Katherine McCleary, Yale College 2018
Mustafa Yavas, GSAS 2019
Marina Tinone, Yale College 2020
Alexa Derman Yale College 2019
Elias Mastakouris Yale College 2020
Carlene Ervin Yale College 2018
Janis Jin, Yale College 2020
Bix Archer, Yale College 2019
Walker Caplan Yale College 2020
Delia Berka, Yale College 2020
Malina Simard- Halm Yale college 2018
Haylee Kushi Yale College 2018
Leila Ben Abdallah, GSAS 2022
Lucia Baca, Yale College 2017
Max Schlenker, Yale College 2020
Karina Rodriguez, Yale College 2019
Lukas Cox, Yale College 2019
Aastha KC, Yale College 2020
Vivian Dang, Yale College 2019
Arturo Pineda, Yale College 2019
Tran Dang, Yale College 2019
Ashia Ajani, Yale College 2019
Sarah Jho, Yale College 2020
Yuni Chang, Yale College 2018
Kianna Pierson Yale College 2020
Karina Xie, Yale College 2019
Yuhe Faye Wang, GSAS 2021
Gabriel Winant, GSAS 2017
Sara McCartney, Yale College 2019
Constantin Cless, GSAS 2022
Rianna Johnson-Levy, Yale College 2017
Shirley Paxton Fofang, Yale College 2017
Kodi Alvord, Yale College 2017
Lilla Brody, Yale College 2018
Abigail Cipparone, Yale College 2019
Genevieve Esse, Yale College 2019
Joseph Zordan Yale College 2019
Jordan Boudreau, Yale College 2018/9
Khai Tran, Yale College 2020
LiLi Johnson, GSAS 2019
Emma Phelps, Yale College 2019
Alexander Williams, Yale College 2019
Catherine Bui, Yale College 2019
Shelby Redman, Yale College 2019
Maddy Batt, Yale College 2019
Jackson Richmond, Yale College 2019
Reanna Wauer, Yale College 2020
Jasmyne Pierre, Yale College 2020
Rachel Calnek-Sugin, Yale College 2019
Sarah Ngo, YC 2020
Tilman Bartelsmeyer, Yale College 2019
Sarah Ngo, Yale College 2020
Sadé Kammen, Yale College 2019
Maya Rodriguez, Yale College 2019
Anthony D'Ambrosio, Yale College 2018
Adriana Rodriguez, Yale College 2016
Simone Lavin, Yale College 2019
Serena Lau, Yale College 2017
Megan Asaka, GSAS 2014
Robert Newhouse, Yale College 2019
Noah Rae-Grant, Yale College 2018
Sasha Sabherwal, GSAS 2021
Fiona Drenttel, Yale College 2020
Iliana Yamileth Rodriguez, GSAS 2020
Alondra Mejia, Yale College 2019
Abigail Dutton, Yale College 2017
Nia Berrian, Yale College 2019
Arthur Wang, GSAS 2021
Alexia Williams, GSAS 2019
Haley Hegefeld, Yale College 2020
Amber Officer-Narvasa
Maryam Ivette Parhizkar, GSAS 2021
Zachary Balleisen, Yale College 2019
Roger Lopez, Yale College 2018
Jan Aquino, YC 2017
Hieronimus Loho Yale College 2018
Kathy Amiliategui, Yale College 2017
Maryanne Cosgrove, Yale College 2020
Antonia Ayres-Brown, Yale College 2019
Pablo Suarez, Yale College 2019
Jessica Kasje, GSAS 2019
Matthew Paige, Yale College 2020
Dolunay Ugur, GSAS 2021
Hannah Sproch
Betsy Beasley, GSAS 2016
Stelios Rousoglou
Dhiksha Balaji Yale College 2018
José Rodríguez, Yale College 2019
Charelle Brown, Yale College 2019
Oliver Shoulson, Yale College 2020
Alishan Gezgin, Yale School of Music 2018
David Diaz, Yale College 2018
Gabrielle Roberts, Yale College 2018
Surya Dutta, Yale College 2018
Jinny Van Doorn, Yale College 2019
Sarah Joo, Yale College 2020
Claire Mallon Yale College 2017
Claire climer
Nicholas Girard, Yale College 2019
David Amanfu, Yale College 2017
Claire Climer, GSAS 2020
Elena Malloy, Yale College 2017
Nadira Abdilahi, Yale College 2020
Mara Hoplamazian, Yale College 2020
Colin Hemez, Yale College 2018
Kassandra Boos, Yale College 2020
Avani Mehta, Yale college 2015
Christine Slaughter, Yale College 2007, GSAS 2017
Lauren Chambers, Yale College 2017
Marie Gaye, Yale College 2020
Rebecca Jacobs, GSAS 2017
Peijia Yuan, GSAS 2018
Alexander Kelsey, Yale College 2019
Alessandro Luciano PC 18
Sarah Grossman-Kahn
Kevin Chang, Yale College 2020
Lee Danilek, Yale College 2018
Russell Heller, YC 19
Lex Barlowe, Yale College 2017
Vanessa Gutierrez-Maya, Yale College 2020
Hannah Zeavin, Yale College 2012
Jocelyn Dicent, Yale College 2020
Allen Wang, BR 18
Talia Katz, Yale College 2017
Sophie Dillon, Yale College 2017
Franchette Brosoto, Yale College 2020
Viktor Dimas, Yale College 2020
Grant Laster YC 18
Leah Shrestinian, Yale College 2018
Ryan Seffinger, Yale College 2019
Prawat Trairatvorakul, Yale College 2018
Cesar Garcia Lopez, Yale College 2018
Clio Meghir YC 19
Georgia Trimm Yale College 2019
Omar El-Hely, Yale College 2017
John Dervan, Yale College 2019
Emma Ryan
Dimitri Diagne, BK 18
Sade Kammen, YaC 2019
Kaya Duguay, Yale College 2019
Rob LaRose, Yale College 2017
Iain Barr, Yale College 2017
Jerilyn McLean, Yale College 2020
Cathy Shen, Yale College 2017
Eve Sneider Yale College 2019
Emma Pierce-Hoffman, Yale College 2020
Summer Kim, Yale College 2018
Gwen Prowse, GSAS 2022
Nicholas Robbins GSAS 2020
Adam Moftah, Yale College 2019
Nicholas Maas, Yale College 2015
Luna Beller-Tadiar, Yale College 2018
Nicole Mo, Yale College 2019
Andrea Smith, Yale College 2017
Elizabeth Morley Yale College 2018
Lora Kelley, Yale College 2017
Arizona Greene, Yale College 2019
Mery Concepcion Yale College 2020
Meghana Singh, Yale College 2019
Adam Krok YC 2019
Kweku Djan, YC 2020
Joanna Lew, Yale College 2017
Kevin Biju, Yale College 2019
Gian-Paul Bergeron, YC 2017
Julia Fleming-Dresser, YC 2019
Angela Sim, Yale College 2018
Nathaniel Romero, Yale College 2017
Yanin Kramsky, F&ES 2017
Jacob Brussel Faria
Corey Creedon, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies 2018
Rachel Johnston-White, GSAS 2017
Julia Zou, Yale College 2019
Adam Echelman, Yale College 2017
Jose Lopez, Yale College 2018
Elena Hodges, Yale College 2017
Lining Wang, Yale College 2017
Krystal Morin Yale College 2018
Jane Kim, Yale College 2018
Jacob Stein, Yale College 2017
Katie Coyne, Yale College 2020
Zachary Miller, Yale College 2017
Maia Hirschler, Yale College 2017
Charlie Bardey, Yale College 2017
Joseph Gaylin, Yale College 2019
Liam Hynes, GSAS 2019
Viola Kyoung A Lee, Yale College 2020
Mimi Pham, Yale College 2017
Mayra Negrete, Yale College 2017
Olivier van Donselaar, Yale College 2017
Matt Viens, Yale School of Forestry 2016
Josh Feng, Yale College 2018
Ephrem Rae, Yale College 2018
Spencer Bokat-Lindell Yale College 2017
Christina Figlus, Yale College 2020
Sarah Mele, Yale College 2020
Reine Ibala, Yale College 2016
Julia Tofan, Yale College 2020
Henry Townley, Yale College 2019
Nolan Phillips, YC 2018
Anthony Amadeo
Catherine Liu, Yale College 2018
Katie Martin Yale College 2018
Madeleine Lee, Yale College 2019
Caro Vera, Yale College 2020
Anna Lipin, Yale College 2018
Myles Lennon, GSAS 2020
Charlotte Juergens, YC 2016
Rahul Nagvekar, Yale College 2020
Daniel Belgrad
Julia Monk, GSAS/FES 2021
Levi Truong, Yale College 2019
Ethan Romero, Yale College 2020
Sabine Decatur, Yale College 2018
Daniel Vernick, Yale College 2019
Lauren Ribordy, Yale College 2019
Emma Spence YC 2018
Xander de Vries, Yale College 2019
Stephanie Blas-Lizarazo, Yale College 2020
Lane To, Yale College 2019
Joshua Yue, Yale College 2020
Charlie Samuya Veric, GSAS 2011
Emma Chanen, Yale College 2019
Zach Capello, Yale College 2019
Brea Baker Yale college 2016
Scott Remer, Yale College 2016
Holden Leslie-Bole, Yale College 2018
Robyn Pront, GSAS 2018
Joy Wang, Yale GSAS 2023
Jin Ai Yap, Yale College 2016
Kevin Su, Yale College 2016
Armando Huipe, Yale Scool of Drama 2019
Harper Loonsk, Yale College 2018
Camille Cole, GSAS 2020
Nica Siegel, GSAS 2021
Calvin Harrison, Yale College 2017
Linda Hase
Isabel Singer, Yale College 2016
Ruth Hanna, Yale College 2017
Angus Ledingham, GSAS 2018
Joey Plaster GSAS 2017
Tim Follo, Yale College 2016
Jordan Harris, Yale College 2020
Glenda Gilmore, Professor of History
Kenneth Seals-Nutt, Yale College 2018
Nicholas Lo, Yale College 2015
Angie Diaz, GSAS 2021
Margaret Traeger, GSAS 2021
Jordan Brower, GSAS 2016
Stephanie Smelyansky, Yale College 2019
Sara Schwartz FES 2017
Oana Marian, YDS/ISM 2017
Camille Owens, GSAS 2021
Alexa Winstanley-Smith, YDS 2018
Ann Jacob, Yale Divinity School 2018
Madeline Sachs, Yale College 2019
H McCormick, YC 2017
Katie McConnell, Forestry 2017
Stephanie Tubiolo, Yale College 2014
Isra Syed, Yale College 2016, YLS 2019
Mia Laleh Tabib, 2018
Ben Kiernan
Damian Vergara Bracamontes, GSAS, 2019
Ian Foss Hathaway, GSAS 2019
Angela Henderson, Yale College 2017
Lucy Caplan, GSAS 2019
Zach Jacobs, Yale College 2017
Shanna Jean-Baptiste, GSAS 2020
Mary Beth Mills-Curran, YDS 2019
Lucia Hulsether, GSAS 2020
Phoenix Alexander, GSAS 2018
Zoe Dobuler, Yale College 2017
Tif Shen, GSAS 2017
Justine Xu, Yale College 2019
Jasmine Bostock, Yale Divinity School 2018
Ellie Dupler, Yale College 2016
Tina Post, GSAS 2018
Dax W. Crocker, Divinity 2017
Crystal Feimster AFAM/AMST
Matt Dunkel, Yale College 2001
Armando Ghinaglia, YC 2014, YDS 2018
Clara de Pablo, Yale College 2019
Jason Bell, GSAS 2020
Phoebe Petrovic
Erendira Jimenez-Pike, Yale Divinity School 2019
Kathryn L Brackney, GSAS 2017
Henry Clements, GSAS
Fadila Habchi
Nichole Nelson, GSAS 2018
Lola Hourihane, Yale College 2020
Faizah Zakaria Yale GSAS 2017
Catherine Lee, Yale College 2020
Adam Willems, Yale College 2017
Salonee Bhaman, GSAS 2022
Zong Xuan Tan, Yale College 2018
Arabelle Schoenberg 2019
Luke Peilen, Yale College 2018
Sarah Pickman, GSAS 2021
Edwina Kisanga, Yale College 2016
Danielle Bainbridge GSAS 2018
Nicholas Forster, GSAS 2018
Amy Rothschild Yale College 2009
Michael DeLand, Postdoc, Sociology
Yanbo Li, Yale College 2016
Rachel Arnesen, Yale College 2017
Tess Hart, Yale FES/SOM 2017
Ralien Bekkers, F&ES 2017
Ava Tomasula y Garcia, Yale College 2017
Levi Gray, Yale College 2016
Laura Barraclough, American Studies
Andrew Brown, GSAS 2019
Aaron Greenberg, GSAS 2018
Frankie Andersen-Wood, Yale College '18
José Darío Martínez, GSAS 2020
Jenny Ajl, YSN/YSPH 2019
Yupei Guo, Yale College '18
Kevin Gledhill, GSAS 2018
Bench Ansfield, GSAS 2019
Kristina Solheim, Yale FES 2015
Key Jo Lee, GSAS 2017
Josh Mentanko, GSAS 2021
Diana Crocker, Yale Divinity School 2018
Kevin A. McKoy, YDS 2017
Stephanie Weber, GSAS 2020
Lisa Fulchino, SPH 2017
Anna Larisa Sunderland
Kate Scully, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Alex Co, YC '15, FES '17
Michael Moore, YSN 2019
Matthew Babcock MDiv 2019
Rose Watson-Ormond, YSN 2019
Chala Massinople, YSN, 2019
Christina Martin YSN 2019
Elizabeth Lee, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Marisa Poverman, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Karis Slattery, YDS 2019
Margaret Seldin YSN 2019
Zaib un Nisa Aziz GSAS 2020
Nellie Nutt, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Sabrina Zionts, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Gregory Stark, Yale Divinity School 2017
Erin Gautier, YSN 2019
Monica Guo, YSPH 2017
Regina Karl, GSAS 2019
Rena Linden, YSN 2019
Marlene Edelstein, YSN/YSPH 2019
Heather Vermeulen, GSAS 2017
Emilie Egger, GSAS 2021
Eli Stark, YSN 2019
Tavia Nyong’o GSAS 03
Jennifer Glass, YSN 2019
Jason Duong, YSPH 2017
Andrea Desmond, YSN 2019
Bianca Li, Yale College 2017
Michelle Morgan, GSAS 2017
Nientara Anderson, YC '06, YSM '19
Stephen Douglas, YDS 2016
Aleshia Barajas, GSAS 2020
Nicolle M. Toledo
Linda Rosenbury, Yale College 2002
Adam Gemar, YDS 2015
Emily Bruce, Yale Divinity School 2019
Daniel Charness, Wesleyan University, '10
Casey Magis-Agosta, YSN 2019
Jasmine Verret, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Jenessa Payano Stark YSN 2019
Nihav Dhawale, GSAS
Michael Rom GSAS 2017
Laurel Gray YDS 2018
Zelda Roland YC 2008 GSAS 2016
Robert W. Fernandez GSAS 2020
Anais Alvarez Yale College 2015
Genevieve Simmons
Kaija Gahm, Yale College 2020
Gwen Antell, Yale College 2016
Diana Rosen, Yale College '16
Dominic Coles Yale College 2016
Sophie Harrison, YSN 2019
Benjamin Fleischacker YC 2017
Brittany Stollar, YC '17, YSPH '18
Jenny Peek, Yale Divinity School 2017
Jonathan Adler Yale College 2018
Briallen Hopper, English Department
Lena Eckert-Erdheim GSAS 2019
Garima Singh, Yale College 2020
Arturo Pineda, YC 2019
Samantha Ng, Yale College 2018
Cecilia YSN
Jacob Levitt, YC '20
Joyce Guo, Yale College 2017
Trina Hyun, GSAS 2022
Charlotte Storch YC 2015
Katherine Oh, Yale College '18
Emma Kleck, YSN 2019
Sasha Batz Stern, Yale College 2019
George Fergus, Yale ISM 2016
Alexandra Reider GSAS 2019
Annie Kearns, YSN 2019
Avital Smotrich-Barr, Yale College 2019
Nathan Ewing-Crystal, Yale College 2019
Mariana Rocha Yale College 2019
Stephanie Mao, Yale College '17
Hannah Cutts YSN 2019
Amy van Loon, YSN 2018
Claire Schwartz, GSAS 2018
Eleanor Marshall, Yale College 2017
Michael Reardon, School of Divinity 2019
Richard Baker, Yale College 2018
Haley Yerxa, Yale School of Nursing 2018
Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Vanessa Correia, YSN, 2019
Caitlin Parmer, Yale College 2013, YSM 2019
Gabriel Rojas, Yale College 2019
Andrew Garde Joia, Yale College 2007
Fanta Bayoh, YSN 2018
Liana DeMarco, GSAS 2020
Maya Sandler, GSAS 2021
Sophia Catsambi, YC '19
Shunella Lumas, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Diana Saavedra, Yale College 2020
Carina Dehner, School of Medicine
Mark Overmyer-Velazquez, PhD 2002
Max Farbman, Yale College 2018
Amelia Holcomb, Yale College 2016
Kevin O. Juarez, YSM, MS1
Tess O'Meara, Yale School of Medicine 2019
Robert Wiesenberger, School of Art
Makayla Haussler MC 2019
Shyamala Ramakrishna, Yale College '17
Hannah Thai YC 2017
Edward Watson, YDS 2018
Lindsey Hiebert, YC'15, YSPH'16
Aparna Gomes, Yale School of Public Health 2017
Jocelyn Olcott GSAS 2000
Jilly Horowitz, Yale College 2017
Shoshanna Goldin, Yale School of Public Health 2017
Andrew Hamilton, Yale College 2005
Andrea Roberts YSM 2019
Nicolas Aramayo, YC 2017
Ryan Cecil Jobson, GSAS 2017
Thomas Lyttelton GSAS 2020
Sarah Abdallah YSM 2019
Becky Byler, GSAS 2020
Kat Wyatt, DC '17
Brian Herrera, GSAS 2008
Bonnie Rhee, Yale College 2018
Katherine Fang, Yale College 2017
John Christian White, YDS 2019
Derek Ou, YSM 2019
Tyler Dohrn PC '18
Topiltzin Gomez, Yale College 2018
Alyssa Paredes, GSAS 2019
Emanuel Souza de Quadros, GSAS 2021
Marianna Gailus, Yale College 2017
Matt Thekkethala, Yale College 2019
Emmanuel Cantor Yale College 2018
Maraya Keny-Guyer, Yale College 2019
Diego Fernandez-Pages, Yale College 2018
Ashley Chang, Yale School of Drama
Sayd Randle, F&ES 2017
Matthew Johnsen, Yale College 2018
Jennifer Marcy Kaufman, History, Local 34
Claire Mackay Dickey, GSAS 2020
Eva Branson, Yale College 2018
Eli Neustadter YSM 2019
Crystal Deng, YSN 2019
Mytien Nguyen, YSM 2024
Sam Huber, GSAS 2021
Tristan Glowa, Yale College 2018
Rachel Field, YDS 2016
Mairéad Bernardita Brennan Yale College 2019
Lauren Dubowski, YSD, DFA Candidate
Victoria Roeck, YLS 2018
Brett Davidson, Yale College 2016
LaQruishia Gill, YDS
Brandon Marks, Yale College 2018
Kate Richard, FES 2018
Patrick Barker, GSAS 2022
Lindsay Eysenbach, YSM 2020
Diksha Brahmbhatt, Yale College 2018
Chris Shughrue, F&ES 2018
Julia Salseda
Michelle Jones, Yale College 2019
Patti Balbas, Yale College 2005
Kaneesha Cherelle Parsard, GSAS 2017
Taylor Barfield, YSD 2016
Caitlyn Darnell, YDS 2018
Matthew Shafer, ES '13, GSAS 2020
Laura Leon, Yale College 2018
Marisa Vargas-Morawetz, Yale College 2020
Peter Hetzler, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Jake Davidson, College Seminar Lecturer
Caio Matias, Yale College 2018
Vanessa Lamers, YSPH, FES 2013
Eunjoo Chang
Gregory Cartelli, Yale School of Architecture 2017
David Villacis, Yale College 2019
Melissa Paa Redwood, GSAS 2018
Jacob Rodriguez Yale College 2018
Jessica Minor, YSM 2022
Kristin Hankins, GSAS 2021
Andra Chastain, GSAS 2017
Anna Duensing, GSAS 2021
Van Truong, GSAS 2017
Dana Bolger, YLS 2019
Nick Friedlander, '17
Tess Lanzarotta, GSAS 2018
Ole Hinz, GSAS 2019
Holly Taylor, Yale College 2017
Amandine Godier-Furnemont, Yale School of Medicine 2019
Beans Velocci, GSAS 2021
Laurence Bashford, Yale College 2018
Hari Ramesh, GSAS 2019
Kyle McGregor, Postdoc fellow
Amanda Hoang, YSN 2019
Maile Speakman GSAS 2022
Diallo Spears, Yale College 2014
Adam Thompson, Yale College 2020
Alex Lance, Yale College 2020
Carmen Clarkin, Yale College 2020
Chasan Hall, TC '18
Isaac Kirk-Davidoff, Yale College 2018
Diana Gonzalez, MPH 2017
Avinash Samarth, LAW '16
Diana Lopez, Yale College 2019
Laura Phillips, GSAS 2018
Jessica Oki, Yale College 2020
Alexandra Brodsky, DC '12, LAW '16
David Minto, GSAS 2014
Megann Licskai, GSAS 2021
Nisha Dalvie, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Athena Wheaton, Yale College 2018
Liana Murray, Yale College 2018
Charlotte Abney, GSAS 2019
Martín Fuchs, GSAS 2020
Kendall Arslanian, GSAS 2019
Maile Speakman, GSAS 2022
Emil Beckford, Yale College 2019
Juan Valencia, YC '19
Emily Nguyen, GSAS 2020
Vanessa Barrera, GSAS 2022
Caitlin Casiello, GSAS 2021
Edie Joseph, Yale College 2012
Dane Underwood, Yale College 2017
Anna Alber, GSAS 2019
Nikita Raheja, Yale College 2020
Daniel Grosvenor, Yale College '18
Madeline Adolf, Yale College 2018
Ohvia Muraleetharan, Yale College 2018
Amruta Nori-Sarm, F&ES 2019
Haley Gabrielle, Yale Divinity School, 2018
Nara Milanich, GSAS 2002
David Townley, Yale College 2020
Jason Kavett, GSAS 2017
Swagato Chakravorty, GSAS 2020
Edith Sangueza, Yale College 2010
Neema Githere, Yale College 2018
Sara Smith, GSAS 2019
Grace Oedel, Yale College 2010
Alyssa Peterson, YLS 2019
Tobias Kuehne, GSAS 2018
Jerry Hsu, Yale College 2016
Neli Lazarova, Yale College 2009
Zack Sekoff, DC '18
Khalil Anthony Johnson, GSAS 2016
Amy Nichols, Yale College 2019
Emily Golding, Yale College 2018
Zack Sekoff, DC 2018
Mayra Macias, Yale College 2010
Mindy Lu, YC 2010
Brady Bender, Yale College 2010
Adrian Gonzalez, YLS, 2019
Julianne Ammirati, Yale College 2010
Annette Zimmermann, VAR GSAS 2016
Jason Gilliland
Andrew Gamzon, Yale College 2020
Rachel Galvao, Yale College 2017
Florian Fuchs, GSAS 2017
Sarah Kabay, Yale College 2008
Analia Cuevas-Ferreras, Yale College 2017
Benjamín González, Yale College 2009
William Yang, Yale College 2020
Sam Purdy, Yale College 2010
Sabi Ardalan, Yale College '97
Andrea Klestadt, Yale College 2011
Margaret Grabar Sage, Yale College 2019
Stefanie Acevedo, GSAS '18
Andre Moura, Yale College, 2018
Jake Gluckman, Yale College 2020
Sarah Turbow, Yale College 2010
Corinne McClure, YLS 2018
Greta LaFleur, Department of American Studies
Madeline Johnson, SM 2010
Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen, GSAS '20
Cera Smith, GSAS 2022
Jeff Hudson, PC 2010
Caroline Holman, TD 2010
Emily Graham, Yale College 2013
María Eugenia Pabón, GSAS 2022
Nandi Chihombori-Quao Yale College 2010
Peter Suwondo, YC'16 YSPH'17
Zai Divecha, Yale College 2010, YSPH 2011
Benjamin Koleske, Yale College 2019
Román Castellanos-Monfil, Yale College 2015
André Pinto Dos Santos Monteiro, Yale College 2018
Luke Johnson, Yale College 2016
Ivuoma Onyeador, SY 2011
Peter Hamilton, Yale College, BK 2007
Hannah Rochau, Yale College 2011
Devon Martinez, Yale College 2011
Matthew S. Tanico, GSAS 2017
Daniel Hessel, LAW '16
Rachel Schon, Yale Divinity School 2011
Naiya Speight-Leggett, Yale College 2019
Kyle Peyton, GSAS 2019
Meredith Davis, Yale College '13
Haley Mitchell-Adams, Yale College 2018
Oscar Pocasangrr YC 2011
Laura Gonzalez, TC 2011
Thomas König, Yale College 2010
Ariela Rothstein, tc 2010
Nora Caplan-Bricker, Yale College 2012
Casey Blue James, Yale College 2012
Catherine Nicholson, Department of English
William Genova, Yale College 2015
Clifton Boyd, GSAS 2022
Jalylah Burrell GSAS 2017
Sara Kahanamoku, Yale College 2016
Mara Revkin, YLS 2016 and GSAS 2020
Caroline Sydney, Yale College 2016
Courtney M. Williams ES '01
Jennifer Lu, Yale College 2016
Nicole Sanchez, Yale College 2018
Katherine Mullan, Yale College 2010
Erika Hairston, Yale College 2018
Jonathan Roig, ES '18
Sarah Rosen, Yale College 2012
Adrien Gau, JE '17
Fabian Schellhaas, GSAS 2018
Felicity Sheehy, Yale College, 2015
Emily Rappaport, ES 2014
Maria Yagoda, Yale College 2012
Zoe LaPalombara, Yale College 2013
Raymond Craib, GSAS 2001
Kate Berman, Yale College 2011
Eli Bildner, YC 2010
Natalie Ginsberg, BK '11
Alexandra Addison, Yale College 2012
Keith Washington
Alison Doernberg, Yale College '99
Natalie Hart, YSN 2019
Laila Sticpewich, Yale College 2019
Mariah Kreutter, Yale College 2020
Alyssa Battistoni, GSAS 2017
Tina Law, GSAS 2021
Lilli Janney, Yale College 2013
Kwaku Osei SY 2011
Meredith Morrison, Yale College 2011
Tara Wadhwa, Yale College 2009
Courtney Sender, JE 2010
Allie Ossa, Yale College 2011
Rebecca Shoptaw, Yale College 2018
Brendan Schlagel, Yale College 2011
Andrew DeGuglielmo, Yale College 2018
Heidi L. Guzmán, SY 2014
Duane Bean, Yale College 2017
Caitlin Richards, ES 2010
Sarah Ngo Hamerling, Yale College 2019
Jordano Sanchez, Yale College 2013
Lily Zeng, GSAS 2018
Audrey Denvir, FES 2016
Elsa Westreicher
Leon Jiang, Yale College 2016
April Wen, MC 2017
Deva Content, ES 2010
Ravi Shekhar, GSAS 2017
Allyza Lustig, FES 2017
Tan Ken Jin, ES 2001
Djenab Conde
Sandy Placido, Yale College 2008
Jake Meyer, SY 2010
Erik Kramer, Yale School of Medicine 2019
Jane Parkes, JE 2010
Paulina Haduong, Yale College 2013
Carlton Mosley, TD 2015
Darcy Peth, FES 2009
Patrick Shea, Yale College 2019
Jackline Wanjala, Yale College BK 2011
Gregory Ng Yong He, MC '18
Sophie Jacobson, GSAS 2019
Ian Billinge, Yale College 2018
Emma Sloan 2010
Eleanor Wertman, TD 2011
Maya Mahin, Yale School of Public Health 2017
Huishen Lu, SY 2020
Samuel Ernest, Yale Divinity/Berkeley Divinity/ISM, 2017
Oliver Preston, JE 2016
Kit Luckey, NHV local
Teresa Chen, ES 2019
Nana Akua Mensah, YC 18
Margaret Tung, Yale College 2010
Lizz Reeves, JE '11
Leana Weissberg, F&ES 2017
Jin Su Joo, Yale College 2010, GSAS 2016
Hilary O'Connell, TD 2014
Cerys Holstege, PC 2019
Sophia Dawkins, GSAS 2022
Yaron Schwartz, Yale College 2011
Mara Dauphin, Yale College 2012
Miranda Sinnott-Armstrong, GSAS 2018
Mark Trieb
Branson Rideaux Yale college 2020
Harry Gray, Yale College '18
Mikayla Rudolph, MC 2019
Yong Cho, PC '13, GSAS '19
Erica López, Yale College 2001
Ted Palenski, Yale College 2010
Morgan Welch, Yale College 2012
Johannes Wiedemann, GSAS 2022
Ming-Qi Chu, Yale College 2007
Titania Nguyen, Branford 2018
Ruby Spiegel
Alex Blum, Yale College 2015
Nicole A. Larsen, GSAS 2016
Sei Young Pyo, MC 2011
Luke Wagner, GSAS 2017
Jose Rivera, Yale College 2008
Charlotte Martin, Yale College 2009
Samantha Marquez, BR 2018
Nancy Yun Tang, Yale Law 2018
Sophie Wolfram, Yale College 2010
Wesley Kocurek, TD 2019
Tue Le, Yale College 2003
Emma Pred-Sosa, Yale College 2019
Emma Roth, Yale Law School 2017
Eric Margolis, DC 2018
Sarah Marx, TD 2014
Daniel Carvalho, DC 2010
Alexander Borsa, SM '16
Rhea Kumar, Yale College 2018
Crystal Laughinghouse, Yale College 2008
Sara Torres, Yale College 2015
Kinsley McNulty, ES '18
Olivia Klevorn
Sinead Daly, CC 2010
Kristjiana Gong, Yale College 2010+1
Audrianna Galvin, Yale College 2010
Joseph Peterson, GSAS 2017
Becky Bicks, Yale College 2010
Hannah Billingsley, ES '18
Jacob Wasserman, SY 2016
Yasmmyn Salinas, Yale College 2010, Public Health 2014, GSAS 2019
Julia Averbuck, Yale College 2012
Molly Silverstein, ES 2011
Lauren Kohler, PC 2019
Micaela Gramelis, Yale College 2009
Olevia Boykin, YLS '17
Joseph Jampel LAW '17
Andrés López-Delgado, Yale Law School 2018
Helen Diagama, Yale Law '17
Elise Wander, YLS 2019
Jiahu a
Andrea Levien SY'12 LAW'17
Andrés Bustamante, Yale College 2015
Richard Frohlichstein, YLS '18
Claire Sheen, Yale College 2019
Amber Qureshi, Yale Law 2019
Jiahua Yue, GSAS 2020
Matteo Godi, YC '15, YLS '18
Susanna D. Evarts, Yale Law 2018
Darren Nah, GSAS 21
My Khanh Ngo, Yale College 2010, Yale Law 2017
Mariana Olaizola, YLS '19
Brian Pearle, DC 2011
Tavi Unger
Alice M. Miller, faculty, YLS, YSPH, Jackson
Adán Martínez, Yale Law 2017, Yale FES 2014
Marissa Roy, Yale Law School 2017
Natalia Nazarewicz, LAW '18
Victoria Pasculli, Yale Law School 2017
Valentina Guerrero, PC '19
Charlotte Schwartz, Yale Law School 2019
Michael Stone, '76, '79L
Arash Ghiassi, YLS '18
Laika Abdulali, Yale Law School 2017
John Giammatteo, Yale Law School 2017
Jillian Liu, CC'12+
Tal Eisenzweig Yale Law 2017
Jeremy Pilaar, YLS 2018
Elizabeth Dervan, YC '12, Law '17
Kathleen Borschow
Adrienne Lee, Yale Law School 2017
Elizabeth Donger, Yale College 2012
Lucia Tang, Yale College 2013
Sam Brill, Yale Law School 2018
Valerie Comenencia Ortiz, Yale Law School 2018
Katie Grasso, YC 2017
Marisa London, Yale College 2018
Camila Franco, Yale College 2018
Brian Sweeney, PC 2010
Luke Studebaker, TD 2011, YSOA 2019
Abbey Burgess TC '19
Esther Lim, YSPH 2016
Alda Yuan, YLS 2018
Brandon Sadowsky, YLS 2018
Zachary Ramirez-Brunner, YLS '18
Elijah Gunther, BR '18
Louis Gregory, YSPH '17
Diane de Gramont, Yale Law School 2017
Sanad Raoof, Yale College 2010
Daniel Stone, BR '11
Emily Sherwood, CC 2019
Thomas Smyth, Yale College 2012
Matthew Ampleman, Yale Law 2017
Jorge Bonilla, YLS '19
Ariq Hatibie, CC
Austin Clarke, Yale College 2010
Joel Samaha, Yale College '12
Rachel Schiff, Yale College '10
Caterina Passoni, Yale College 2018
Adam Walker YC '10 FES '18
Ariq Hatibie, Yale College 2020
Ademide Ajayi, Yale College 2019
Gabriel Saruhashi, Yale College 2020
Natalie Carlson, Yale College 2010
Nicole Brambila, Yale Law 2019
Mariel Novas, DC 2010
Jordan Laris Cohen, JE '12 LAW '17
D'Laney Gielow, LAW '18
Catharine Axley, Yale College 2010
Edward Columbia, Yale College '18
Rachel Shur, Yale Law School 2017
Yamile Lozano, Yale College 2017
Audrey Maguire, PC '17
Natalia Salinas, TD'17
Samuel Breidbart, BR 11/Law 19
Esul Burton, Yale College 2020
Kayla Tarlton, MC '17
Michaella Baker, YSPH '17
Joshua Macey
Nate Soffio, TC 2010
Nicole Collins, YSPH 2017
Becky Staiger, YSPH 2018
Rachel Rudinger, Yale College 2013
Hannah Motley, Yale Law School, 2017
Lauren Ritz, Yale College 2011
Graham Webster
George Iskander, Yale College 2020
Deborah Mazer Yale Law School 2017
Ben Artin, YSPH/YSM 2018
Barbora Bartunkova, GSAS 2021
Julie Carney, 2008
Samantha Ross, YSPH '17
Marina Antillon, GSAS '17
Coryelle Pondy, ES '18
Lea Yu, ES '10
Casey Covarrubias, YSPH 2017
Zoelle Egner, Yale College 2010
Pavithra Vijayakumar, YSM 2020
Heidi K. Lam, GSAS 2018
Arielle Humphries, YLS '17
Jeremy O. Harris, YSD '19
Angelina Calderón, Yale College 2010
Suhasini Ravi, YSPH '18
Julia Gilbert
Sam Bendinelli, Yale College 2013
Weronika Betta, ES '20
Romary Santana, Yale College 2015
Marcella Gillis, Yale Divinity School 2017
Shivani Bhatt, Yale College 2013, Yale School of Medicine 2021
Nora Moraga-Lewy, BR '16
Nina Beizer BK 2012
Andrew Chung, GSAS 2019
Raquel Thompson, Yale College 2006
Leehi Yona, F&ES 2018
Valesca Castillo
Rosa Vargas, Yale College 2018
Sophia Wang LAW 17
Eamon Duffy, MD-MBA '18
Margaret Shultz ES 2016
Sarah Armstrong, Yale College 2018
Katherine Demby, Law '16
Asia Brown, TD '16, YSPH 2018
Jeremy Lloyd, SM '13
Rubén Vega Pérez, DC '17, YSPH '18
Samuel Clarke MD, YIM 2018
Tae-Yeoun Keum, ES '08
Laura Skrip, GSAS 2017
Sam Linden, Yale School of Drama/School of Management '19
Sydney Garick, Yale College 2018
Will McGrew, FKACC'18
Karen Raizen, GSAS 2017
Jackie Delligatti, Yale College '11, Yale Law School '16
Victoria Langland, GSAS 2004
Kristoffer Acuña, TD '17
Juan Valencia, YC '19
Gregory Pfeiffer YSPH/YDS
Ana Ribadeneira, JE '18
Sarah Mantell, YSD '17
Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye, Postdoctoral Fellow
Matthew George, SY '11
Sara Harris, SY 2019
Sukriti Mohan, SM '17/YSPH '18
Spencer Shimek, BK '20
Iulia Padeanu, YLS 2017
Frances Kelley, TD 08
Linda Chang, ES 2012
Ophelia Hu Kinney Yale School of Management 2016
Kenya Gillespie, CC '10
Drisana Misra, TC'13 and GSAS 2020
Rosibel Hernandez, BK '10
Christopher Malley '18
Caitlin Clements, Yale College 2010
Kirsty Escalante SM 2011
Elisa Gonzalez, PC
Elisa Gonzalez, PC '11
Kerra Bui Partney, GSAS 2012
Robyn Cree, GSAS 2017
Elizabeth Marsh, Yale Law 2017
Sara Stevenson, YSN 2017
Alexandra Bigler, SOM 2017
José Espinosa, DRAM '19
Joshua Wilson, Yale Law 2019
Claudia Wack, Yale Law 2018
Patrick Sullivan, YC '18
Lorena Ortega-Guerrero JE 2020
Karthik Soora, SOM 2016
Jakeem Powell, YSD '19
Margaret Batavia YDS 2018
Annie Middleton, YSD 2016
Heather Freeman, Yale College 2008
John Connolly, Yale SOM 2018
Katherine Rich, YC '16 YSPH '17
Paulina Arnold, Yale College 2012
Carl R. Rice, GSAS 2022 (Classics & History)
Emma Garcia-Canga, Yale College 2020
Clara Soh, PC '99
Dylan Young, Yale College 2018
Vincent Tolentino, YC '15
Kristin Grotecloss, Yale College 2011
Julia Lum, GSAS 2017
Jesús Yáñez, TC '19
Kyle Cromer, GSAS '14
Melinda Agron, SOA & SOM 2019
Ariel Hudes, SOM 2018
Eli Vickery, Yale College 2010
Matthew Goldenberg, CC'99, MED'03, Med faculty
Brooke cooperstein, Yale Law 2019
Emily Chertoff, Yale Law 2017
Caroline Birasa, SY 2014
Wendy Lau, MC 99
Ian Donaldson, YSOA 2018
Kristen Lee, BK 2016
Laura Tomás, Yale College 2010
Adeolu Aromolaran, YSM 2018
Chandler Gregoire, PC 2017
Brandon Rapp Yale College SY '12
Michael Weaver YLS 2018
Chloe Zimmerman TC '19
Eleanor Michotte, MC '15
Cayley Geffen, Yale College '19
Chiyel Hayles, YLS 17, SOM 17
Lexi Peacock, SY '12
Ferny Reyes, BR 10
Michael Zanger-Tishler TC 2018
Nancy Block Reid, Yale College '99
William Smith, Yale College 2012
Elias Kleinbock, Yale College 2014
Hayun Cho, TC '17
Julia Bakes
Katherine Block, CC 2004
Olivia Horton, Yale Law School '17
Linda Oh, Yale College 2017
Katrina White, Yale College 2020
Ilana Rice YLS '18
D Dangaran, ES'15
Martha Burson, BR 2011, SOM 2018
Alan Elbaum, PC '14
Gregory Rubin, Yale College 2011
Ming-Yee Lin, Yale College 2010, Yale Law 2013
William Baldwin, YLS 2019
Kayla Ringelheim, YSPH/SOM 2018
Cullen Dyer, Yale College 2012
Isaac Park, CC '13
Christian Golden YSoA '18
Natalia Zaliznyak, YC '19
Daniel L. Reid, YDS '17
Adam Rice, YLS 2019
Alexander Epstein, SY 2018
Emily Harris, Yale College 2010
Alexandra Schwartz, Saybrook '09
Alyssa Reyes Smith, JE '10
Jordan Ascher, Yale College 2014
Anna Robinson-Sweet, Yale College 2011
Ravi Rakkulchon, YSD 2019
Denisa Buzatu, Yale School of Architecture 2018
Dianne Kaiyoorawongs 'ES 2017
Alexandra Romanoff, BR '09
Sinan Zafar YSD 2016
Vivian Nguyen, YSPH '18
Elizabeth Emanuel, ES '17
Gabe Acheson, TC 2016
Alex Wang, PC '19
Claire Wallace, TC '12
Shivani Vohra, Yale College 2013
Anya Richkind, Yale College 2016
Andrew Schmidt, TC '18
William Doreza, YSM 2018
Michael Best, School of Drama '16
Eyrica Sumida Yale College '19
Giulio C. Rottaro Castejon, YSM '17, SOM '17
Andrew Lee, BR 2009
Erika Lynn-Green FKAC'18
Jessica Greenberg YSM 2017
Field Rogers, Yale College 2015
Sarah Abusaa, YSPH 2016
Lea Briere Godbout, YLS, 2017
Lucy Hattemer, ES '17
Emily Vancor, Yale School of Medicine, 2019
Hannah Alter, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Carrie Flynn, YSM 2023
Yana Birÿkova, YSD '17
Blair McNamara School of Medicine '18
Nancy Huynh, YSM 2018
Eliza Angila, JE '10
Christopher Schayer, YSN 2017
Miriam Becker-Cohen, Yale Law School 2018
Sonia Taneja, School of Medicine 2019
Andrew Cook, YSM PA 2018
Jeanne Snow, Yale College 2011
Roxanne Winston, YSPH 2017
Nneoma Adaku, TC '15
Jerusalem Hadush, Yale College 2017
Josh Ryu YC'16
Amy Taylor Rosenblum, Yale College 2012
Sam Lee, Yale College 2012
Michael Zink, SY '09
Zachary Kayal, Yale College 2017
Jocelyn Burney, Div '16
Francisco Feliz, Yale College 2012
Suzannah Ellis Johnston, Yale School of Nursing, 2019
Sowmya Kuruganti, YSPH '18
Mohammed Akam, Yale College, 2020
Emmanuel Gaeta, Yale School of Public Health '18
Susannah Shattuck, DC '13
Maria Richardson, Yale College 2009
Kai Fees, Yale Law School '18
Elizabeth Genné-Bacon, GSAS 2016
Laurel Kaye, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Erin Alexander, Yale College 2015
Carey Knecht, CC '99
Carolyn Kirwan, YSN 2019
Rebecca Chang, Yale College 2008
Catherine Lacy YC '18
Jamie Edindjiklian, Yale School of Architecture 2017
Caroline Kanner, Yale College '18
Jason Douglass, Yale College 2013, Yale GSAS 2022
Julia Claire Pucci, Yale College '13; GSAS '19
Stephen Moncrief, GSAS 2020
Michelle Pinon, Yale College 2014
Katy Naples-Mitchell, SY '13
Ievgeniia Sakal, GSAS, 2019
Tasha Garcia, Yale College 2011
Doug Rioux, YSM 2019
Zachary Schiller, Yale College 2015
Anna Hill, GSAS 2021
Zoe Egelman, Yale College 2013
Christopher I Keady, Yale School of Music, 2017
Carol Jean Gallo, GSAS 2009
Marco Ramos, YSM 2018
Evin Grody TC'12
Chenault Taylor, SOM 2018
James H. Revkin, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular)
Catherine Ly, Yale College 2009
Lynsey Gaudioso, YLS/FES '17
John Tsivanidis, GSAS, 2010
Rebecca Pearl, GSAS 2015
Solomon Ghebreyesus, Yale College 2020
Robin Lenahan, Yale College 2011
Wayne Baylor, SM'16
Miriam Lewis, Yale College 2009
Robert Rosen, Yale School of Medicine, 2018
Andrea Ramos, Yale College 2013
Zytha Kock, GSAS 2018
Xiaochen Wang, GSAS, 2019
Kimberly Ona Ayala, Yale School of Medicine, 2020
Cynthia Deng, JE 2014
Marian Homans-Turnbull, Yale College 2012
Gabriella Puente, Yale College 2013
Sam Bolen, Yale College 2010
Lawrence Early, Yale College 2020
Rosa Avila Yale College 2009
Sunny Dutra, GSAS 2016
Zachary Williams, Yale College 2017
Sophia Krohn, Yale College 2020
Susannah Cornes, Yale College 1997
Joe Satran, Yale College 2011
Sofia Ortiz, Yale College 2011
Cassie Tarleton, Yale College 2016
Ben Walter, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Derwin Aikens, Yale College 2016
Rachel Clare, YSPH 2017
Molly Katherine Anderson, Yale Law School 2019
Allison Frankel, YLS 2017
Renzo Mendoza, Yale FES/SOM 2015
Amitte Rosenfeld, YSM 2019
Robert Rock, Yale school of medicine, 2018
Edward Dong, Yale College 2017
Monica Ferrer Socorro, YSM 2020
Sophia Nguyen, Yale College 2014
Raquel Guarino, Yale College 2013
Georgia Lill, Yale College 2013
Lauren Diaz Morgan, CC '13
Alice Baumgartner, Yale College 2010, GSAS 2018
Vanessa del Valle, Yale College 2010
Tory Lynch, YSPH '17
Amauta Marston-Firmino, Yale School of Drama 2019
Danilo Zak, SM'18
Isabel Siragusa, Yale College 2011
Joshua Beach, GSAS 2010
Carolyn Lipp, Yale Law School 2018
Emily Villano, YLS 2019
Umi Shakti, Yale College '08
Abraham Shim, Yale College 2020
Nelly Mecklenburg, GSAS 2017
Ying Sze Pek, Yale College 2011
Mariana Brandman, Yale College 2009
Sarah Nutman, Yale College 2011
Dante de Blasio, Yale College 2019
Nikitia M. Tillman, YLS Staff
Anyuli Gonzalez, Yale College 2009
Katherine Garvey, TD 2016, YSPH 2017
Maroa Rodriguez D, GSAS 2017
Elizabeth Rule, Yale College 2013
Katherine Wolf, FES/YSPH 2018
Stephanie Medel, Yale School of Architecture 2018
Griffin Brown, Yale College 2018
Christofer Rodelo, JE'15
Jinjin Sun, MC '11
William Marks, Yale School of Management 2018
Danielle Lockwood, Physician Associates Program 2018
Jeannia Fu, Yale School of Public Health, 2018
Jon Petkun, YLS '19
Samuel Luterbacher, Yale GSAS 2019
Jessica Magro, Yale College 2018
Alexandra Alcala, Yale College 2017
Charles Chu, Yale College 2012
Katherine Urban-Mead, ES 2014/FES 2016
Sara Frier, Yale GSAS 2019
Peter Martin, Yale College 2010
Kelsey Loeliger, YSPH/YSM 2018
J. Alex Johnson, Yale College 2009
Isabella Cheng, Yale College 2020
Catherine Mas, GSAS '19
Pamela Soto, Branford '13, FES '15
Louise Lu, Yale School of Medicine 2019
Sophia Clementi, Yale College 2014
Sarah Boyette, SY'07
Afua Annor, Yale College 2009
Ryan Mera Evans, Yale College
Sarah Siegel, Yale College 2010
Tse Yang Lim, MC '11, F&ES '14
Michele Keene, Yale College 2010
Michelle Wong, Yale College 2008
Nadia Jiménez, Yale College 2012
Erinma Kalu, BR '14, YLS '19
Deborah Streahle, GSAS 2022
Amber Koonce, YLS 2017
Quan Tran, GSAS 2016
Sara Elenowitz, Yale College 2013
Rayan Alsemeiry, YC' 19
Megha Ram, Yale Law School 2018
Emily Hoffman, Yale College 2010
Noah Stevens-Stein, YC 2018
David Turturo, GSAS 2021
Christopher Lim, GSAS 2020
Julia Salevan
Christopher K. Tokita , Yale College 2014
Annie Hoang, SM 2013
Angela Yim, Yale college 1999
Anna Hope Emerson, Yale College 2020
Kendra Urdang, YSN 2018
Steven Lewis, BR 2018
Sarah Al-Shalash, SM'19
Natalie Eve Garrett, Yale College 1999
Lily Engbith, DC '17
Elena Clancy, YC 2017
Gabriela Elisa Morales, GSAS 2017
Alina Lindblom, Yale Law 2017
Michele Acheampong Yale School of Public Health 2017
Kevin Zhang, Yale College 2012
James Cusati-Moyer, YSD '15
Allison Mishkin, SOM 2018
Joy Powell, YSN 2018
Genevieve Borgeson, Yale College 2011
Ashley Rice, YSN 2016
Walter Gottlieb Bircher, GSAS 2020
Fatymatou Dia, Yale College 2013
Zachary Fuhrer, Yale College 2011
Joy Powell
Sofia Gearty, Yale College 2013
Caroline Francisco, Yale College 2018
Ali Yawar, GSAS 2020
Michelle Salazar, Postdoc Yale School of Medicine
Gregory Walter, YSN 2018
Diane Manry, GSAS (Genetics) 2020
Chelsea Alice Connelly, GSAS 2022
Ananya Parthasarathy, Yale College 2020
Alex Verdolini, GSAS 2018
Brian Samuel Robinson, YSO
Rebecca Schultz, Yale College 2012
Arsema Thomas, YSPH 2018
Hatice Nilay Erten, GSAS 2018
Paul Abraham, YSM 2020
Avery Trunko, Yale School of Drama 2016
Nick Werle, YLS 2018
Tory Jeffay, Yale College 2012
Meenu Krishnan, Yale Law School 2018
Brianna Olamiju, YSM 2020
Ilana Usiskin, Yale School of Medicine, 2020
Emanuel Wickenburg, Yale College 2019
Fabian Fernandez, YC 2015 YSPH 2016
Matthew Cebul, GSAS 2018
Mekka Garcia, YSM 2019
Jeff Zalesin, Yale Law School 2019
Christopher Tritt, YSOA 2019
Moira Weigel GSAS 2017
Taylor Henley, YLS 2017
Clarissa Marzán, Yale College 2014
Steven Le, Yale College 2008
Stephanie Anaya, Yale College '17
Chris Zheng, Yale College '14, YLS '19
Sarah Black Lingenheld, Yale College 99
Carlin Zia, TC '17
Evan Pease, GSAS 2017
Maya Menlo, Yale Law School '18
Merve Emre, GSAS 2015
Nicole Gusman, YSPH 2018
Rebecca Miller, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Jorge Anaya, TD'19
Giovanni Forcina, PC 2014
Oscar Garcia-Ruiz Yale College 2018
Bertie Geng, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Franciz Romero Martinez
Ellis Liang, YLS 2019
Haotian Cai, YSPH 2016
Annie Berke GSAS 2016
Joyce Xi, Yale college 2016
Emily Rice, Yale College 2018
Rachel Perler, Yale College 2017
Agustina Berro, Yale College '09
Robert Barton, Yale College 2011
Yukari Suzuki, Yale SOM-PA 2018
Charles Du, YLS 2017
Samar Al-Bulushi GSAS 2017
Mark Celano, GSAS 2014
Al Nurani, Yale College 2017
Leah Scaduto, Yale Law 2018
Sophia Janowitz, Yale College 2010
Katherrine Healey, GSAS 2019
Skylar Albertson, Yale Law School '18
Joyce Cheng, Medicine 2017
Justin Park, GSAS 2020
Andrew Ballard, Yale College 2020
Rebecca TeKolste Jackson Institute 2018
Alyssa Robinson, YSPH 18
Nadia Irwanto, Yale College 2020
Julia Raney, Yale School of Medicine, 2018
Isabel O'Meara, Yale College '99
Benjamin Crosby, Yale College 2014
Tim Gavin, Yale College 2017
Sylvia Houghteling, GSAS 2015
Kate Rosenberg, YC 2018
Samantha Wood, Yale College 2020
Rebecca Nickerson, TD '17
Mai Wang, Yale College 2010
Ryan M. Davis, YSD MFA '11, DFA candidate
Melissa Leon, Yale College 2010
Shane D Hudson, YSD MFA '14
Hillary Luong, Yale College 2014
Linda Liang, Yale College 2017
Nitya Rayapati, Yale College '19
McKenna Cutler-Freese, Yale Law School '18
Masha Shpolberg, GSAS 2019
Kelsey Clark, Yale College '09
Alexandra Zafran, Yale College 2019
Matthew Dudley, GSAS 2017
Grace Ting, GSAS 2016
Ava Yap, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Sarah Abelman, Yale School of Medicine, 2020
Marissa Grunes, Yale College 2010
Amy Tsang, Yale College 2012
Nida Naushad, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Nida Naushad, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Rodolfo Castillo, Jr., YC 2009
Beeba Mathew, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Jessica Zhang, Yale College 2013
Daniel Tam-Claiborne, GSAS '14
Gentley N Smith, Yale School of Architecture 2018
Marian Schlotterbeck, GSAS 2013
Anh Ha, Yale College 2014
Chloe Sarbib, Yale College 2016
Chloe Sarbib, Yale College 2012
Sabina Klein, Yale College 2010
Elizabeth Saldana, Yale College 14
Jonathan Cohen, Yale Law School '19
Audrey Sands, GSAS '18
Nicholas Economos, YSM/GSAS 2023
Caroline Smith, Yale College 2014
Kathleen Alvarez, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Zehra Abedi, MPH 2017
Viviana Arroyo, Yale College '18
Tan Yi Chern, Yale College 2020
Travis Long, Yale College 2010
Travis Long, Yale College 2010
Jonah Coe-Scharff, Yale College 2014
Richard Wright, Yale College 2001
Alison Bruey, GSAS 2007
Justine Yan, Yale College 2014
Peter Crumlish Div '09, Dwight Hall
Yasin Hegazy, Yale Law School '19
Martha Getachew, Yale College 2013
Madeleine Sullivan, Yale Divinity School 2019
Joanne Lee, Yale Law School '18
Melinda Wang, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Sarah Matthes, Yale College 2013
Jesus Ayala Lara, Yale College 2019
Camila Vega, Yale Law School '18
Catherine Logue, Yale Law School '19
Stephen Kim, Yale College 2012
Heather Wong, LAW '17
Max Hendrickson, Yale College 2011
Clare Brody, Yale College 2014
Liana Moskowitz, Yale College 2009
Jennifer Ramos, Yale College 2010
Delbert Tran, Yale Law School 2018
Britta Redwood, YLS 2017
Daniela Wolin, GSAS 2018
Bennett Byerley, Yale College 2019
Grace Pan, Yale College 2017
Hilary Rogers, YC 2013, YSPH 2014
Kara Becker, Yale School of Medicine - PA 2018
Alexandra Garr-Schultz, Yale College 2009
Ramiz Colak, Yale College 2020
Amit Jain, Yale Law School '18
Hillary Aidun, YLS 2017
Paul Rink, Yale Law School 2018
Charlotte Newell, TC 2016
Houriiyah Tegally, Yale College 2016
Vicky Gebert, Yale College 2019
Michael Linares, Yale College 2009
Leslie Harkema, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Jane Xu, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Steven Pan, Yale College '17
Rebecca Distler, Yale College 2012
Casey Grun, Yale School of Medicine/GSAS 2023
Lucia Mijares Garza, Yale College 2011
Tuna Steve, Yale Custodian 2006
Ram Sundaresh, Yale School of Medicine 2019
Luke Connell, SM '13
Haiyen Truong, Yale College 2015
Rance Fujiwara, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Kishan Patel, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Peter Hwang, Yale College '18
Tehreem Rehman, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Masha Tsimring, Yale School of Drama 2013
Helen Sudkamp-Walker, Yale School of Nursing '19
Jacquie Coe, Yale College 2009
Samantha Kaplan, Yale School of Medicine 2017
Thuy Ho, Yale College 2013
Biruktawit "Birdy" Assefa, Yale College 2018
Jonathan Salazar, Yale College 2019
Pauline Marcou, GSAS '15
Lindsey Hogg, FKAC '17
Julian Menzel, Yale College 2017
Francisco Tamayo, Yale College 2013
Chase Ammon, Yale College 2018
Vanessa Block, Yale College 2010
Hannh Schmitt PC 2018
Alexis Crusey, Yale College 2010
Stephen Albright, GSAS 2019
Tarang Bapna
Jennifer Wang, Yale College 2010
Lucy Fitz Gibbon, TD 2010
Annie Rosen, BK '08 YSM '12
Ronni Getz, Yale School of Nursing '18
Korinayo Thompson, Yale College 2018
Idriss Fofana
Cassandra Darrow, FKAC '18
Cassandra Darrow, FKAC '18
Sonia Blue, SM '18
Jacquelyn Truong, Yale College 2010
Carolyn Marie Wright, CC '03
Jennifer Schmidt, Yale School of Drama '19
Laura Marris, Yale College 2010
Emily Sessions, GSAS 2019
Julia Sardiñas, Yale College 2018
Aaron West, DC 2018
Monique Morales, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Joseph Babarsky Yale College 2009
Rumela Roy, YLS '17
Eileen Shim, Yale College '12
Catherine McCarthy, YLS '19
Nyamagaga Gondwe, Yale Law School '18
Kevin Sullivan, Yale College 2018
Michele Trickey, YC '10
Caroline (Smith) Loeffler, Yale College 2009
Mariana Velasco, YLS '15
Kenneth Goodwin, Yale School of Drama '12
Aidan McKinlay, Yale College 2009
Jorge Meneses, YC '19
Laura Gaynon, Yale College '07
Zoe Loewenberg, ES '18
Katharine Wang, Yale College '19
Michael Sarnoski, Yale College 2010
Daniel Stein, Yale College '19
A. Naomi Paik, GSAS 2009
Jesus Lopez, Yale College 2020
Philippe Chlenski, Yale 2018
Kyle O'Hara
Jordan Coley, Yale College '17
Heather Grant, ES 2012
Daniel Schlosberg, BR '10, YSM '14
Lisa Ruskin, SOM '18
Gideon Broshy, Yale College 2017
Elizabeth Fosburgh, Yale College 2017
Scott Stern, BA/MA 15, LAW 20
Tao Leigh Goffe, GSAS '15
Christina Lin, Yale School of Medicine
Emma Greenbaum, FES '18
Julia Henry, Yale College 2018
Evgeny Leytush, SOM 2015
Nardos Kebede, Yale College '20
Greg Buzzard, YLS '18
Fernanda López Aguilar, Yale College 2010
Ezra Lichtman, YSM 2020
Amy Parlin Feldman, Yale College 2000
Martin Urdapilleta, Yale College 2017
Emily Polanco-Barahona, Yale College '08
Thomas Scott-Railton, YLS '18
Matthew Jacobson, Ethnicity Race & Migration
Aaron Korthuis, YLS '17
Gabriela Rivera, Yale College '17
Alana Moreno PC '11
Rosa Chung, Yale College 2018
Ruiyi Gao, Yale College 2018
Fjola Evans, Yale School of Music 2018
Shaunte Butler, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Andrew Rovner, YSD 2019
Abigail Storch, Yale Divinity School '18
Karen Cuenca, Yale College 2013
Abigail Bessler, JE 2017
Sarah Ludwin-Peery, Yale College 2018
Dana Miller YC'12
Yohanna Pepa, Yale College '14
Caroline Wray, Yale College 2017
Kevin Escudero YLS '15
Anderson Tuggle Yale Law '18
Sesenu Woldemariam, BK '14 LAW '19
Natalie Lomayesva, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Francisco Díez Buzo, Yale College 2014
James Cersonsky
Rhiana Gunn-Wright, SY '11
Margaret Guzulescu, Yale College '19
Maya Torain, MC
Sydney Noël Lemmon, Yale School of Drama '17
JohnMark Taylor, ES 2013
Merlyn Deng, Yale College '11
Nick Levine, Yale College 2014
David Rudnick, DC 2009, Yale School of Art 2016
Rick Herron, Yale College 2013
Rick Herron, Yale College 2013
Victoria Stob, YCSC
Ansley Joe, YUL
Jason E. Sandler, Yale School of Medicine '16
Gabriele Betancourt-Martinez, Yale College 2010
Kristin Nothwehr, Yale College '10/YSOA '16
B. Nancy Rosas, Yale College 2001
Gabriel Levine, Yale College '14, Yale Law School '19
Nicolas Muñoz, Yale School of Medicine '20
Jill Hagey, Yale College 2011/YSPH 2012
Kimberly Ona Ayala, Yale School of Medicine 2020
Hannah Sophia Haid, Yale College '18
Yusef Al-Jarani, Yale Law School '19
Zoe Walsh, Yale SOA '16
Alice Drain, Yale College 2010
Andrew Eberle, Yale College 2011
Anthony Nichols, Yale College 2016
Sam Davis, Art '16
Jennifer Espinoza, Yale School of Nursing, 2019
Christina Seyfried, GSAS 2021
Kari Olmon, YSD '18
Monica Muñoz Martinez, Yale Grad School 2012
Ariege Besson, Yale College 2018
Zachary Manfredi, Yale Law School, '17
Kwasi Enin, Yale College '18
Stephen Taylor Marsh, YC 2013
Jessie Ellner, Yale College 2008
Audrey Fritzinger YSM-PA 16
Paavan Gami, YC '15
Shaina Wright, Yale College 2010
Caleb O'Reilly, ES '18
Andrew Bard Epstein, GSAS '19
Yuan Kang, Yale College 2013
Peter Huang, Yale College '18
Sahana Kribakaran, YSM 2024
Aura Bogado, The College Formerly Known as Calhoun '12
Nathan Nash YLS '17
Kathleen O'Neill, MD, Yale General Surgery Resident
Evelyn Tsisin, SY '18
Iben Falconer, YSoA 2009
Ella Wood, Yale College '15
Alexander Sassaroli, DC 2008, YSOA 2014
Isabelle Napier, Yale College '14
Becky Marvin, Yale College '16
Naima Ross, Yale College 2013
Ernest Mills, Yale SOM '18
Sarah Mairi Graham-Shaw YDS '18
Alexander Taubes, LAW '15
Nathan Guevremont YLS '18
Nicole Demby, GSAS '19
Njeri Grevious, BR, Yale College 2017
Anusha Singh, YSM 2019
Maria Rincon, YSPH 2015
Spencer J. Weinreich, YC 2015
David Litt MC '08
Al Mahdi Alaoui El Hassani, YC '18
Phyllis Thompson, Yale College '18
Gabby Deutch, BR '18
Nikki Endsley, Yale College 2013
Sarah Nathan, Yale College '10
Ana Minian, GSAS, 2012
Alessandra Roubini, Yale College '16
Paige Weber, FES 2019
Asu Erden, GSAS '17
Matteo Rosati YC '19
Atid Kimelman, Yale College '13
Rhea Fernandes, Yale Law School, 2017
Apitha Srivicharnkul, SY'17
April Merleaux, Yale Graduate School '10
Jordi Gassó, Yale College 2013
Kate Orazem, Yale College '12
Zachary Rosen, TC, Yale College 2020
Stephanie Almeida, GSAS 2021
Meghan Brooks, YLS '19
Ayanna Woods, YC 2015
Noriko Morisue, GSAS
Davita Scarlett, Yale College '10
Kyle Conrau-Lewis, GSAS 2020
Rebecca Hatcher, Beinecke Library, YUL
Angelique Saavedra, YSN 2019
Eric Spies, Yale College 2014
Herbert Castillo Valladares, YSM 2018
Sonam Lama, Yale School of Public Health 2017
Alex Werrell, TD '13
Edward Gaiser YSN '19
Han Adele Li, SY'09
Matthew Rivera
Diana A Yanez, Yale School of Medicine 2019/2023
Justine Walden, GSAS 2016
Becky Suh, Yale College 2019
Jacob Potash, Yale College '19
Anthony D'Ambrosio, Coordinator of Dwight Hall (YC '18)
Katherine Young, MFS 2017, F&ES
Mary Shi, Yale College 2014
Joanne Choi, Yale College 2011
Sigma Colon, GSAS '17
Brian Young Yale College 2010
Edward Dunar, Yale College '08
Antoine Lentacker, Yale Graduate School '16
Molly Montgomery, Yale College 2019
Sonia Parra, Yale College 2011
Lisa Shull, Yale College '09
Stacey Blase, GSAS 2015
Sarah Riley MD, Yale Psychiatry Resident
Lauren Waski, YSN 2019
Sarah Riley, MD, Yale Psychiatry Resident
Catie Gliwa, YC '11
Kara Brower, Yale College '13
Jasmine Kennedy, Yale College 2020
Courtney Warren, GSAS, 2017
Alana Thyng, Yale College '17
Richard Zacharias, Yale Law School '19
Alexus Coney, Yale College '20
Tarini Mohan, MBA 2018
Haley Rogers, Yale College '17
Marie Bragg, GSAS 2014
Maria Melchor, Yale College 2018
William Bryan, Yale University 2018
Jillian Morrison, Yale Divinity School 2018
Isis Davis-Marks, Yale College '19
Brian McGrail, LAW '19
Carlee Jensen, MC '15
Tiffany Bell, Yale College '14 YSPH '15
Benjamin Ganz, Yale MFA 2017
Albert Sergio Laguna, Ethnicity, Race & Migration
Michelle Minju Cho, LAW '16
Genna Braverman, Yale College '09
Emanuel Feld, Yale College 2013
Michael Adkins, Yale College 2014
Elena Anderson, Yale College '18
Sophia Yin, Yale College '18
Sam Sackeroff, GSAS, 2017
Bonnie Robinson, YLS 2018
Annabel Tan, YSPH '15
Amy Gais
Keturah James, Yale College '14, YLS '19
Zachary Liao, Yale College 2011
Rahil Rojiani, YSM '18
Benjamin Fainstein, YSD '13
Alison Ho, Yale College 2020
David Pratt-Robson, TC '08
Cody Musselman, GSAS 2021
Will Watson, GSAS 2020
Sam Olyha, YSM '24
Genevieve Beatty, Yale Divinity School, '19
Cole Citrenbaum, YC 2017
Colleen Culbertson, YLS '19
Akina Younge, Saybrook 2011
Lewis Ho, Yale College 2018
Leonard Thomas, Yale College 2014
Danielle Miyagishima Yale Med '23
Alisa Bones, Yale School of Art, MFA 2016
Chelsea Andreozzi, Yale College '12
Jessi Jordan, YDS 2019
Syed Haider Shahbaz, Yale college '13
Clifford Carr, Yale College '17
Gabriela Gutierrez, Yale College 2012
Laura Adler, Yale College 2008
Anna Evtushenko, Yale-NUS'17
Neela Vaswani, Yale PA School, 2018
Scarlet Luk, GSAS '19
Amy Kohout, SM '04
Jeffrey C. Cripe, YC '12
Aliza Kreisman, YSN '17
Arden Rogow-Bales, Yale College '10
Rachel Freeman
Yena Lee, Yale College '12, LAW '19
Valentina Garzon, Yale Law School '19
Venkat R. Lakshminarayanan, TC '04, GRD '12
Thayne Stoddard, YC '11
Andrew Feng Doro, Yale College 2004
Heidi Howkins Lockwood, GSAS '09
Sara Burke, Yale Graduate School 2016
Alejandra Rojas, Yale SOM '18
R. Armstrong, Yale College 2001
Ana Rosen Vollmar, GSAS 2020
Michael Boyle, YSM 2019
Jennifer Carr, GSAS 2019
Susan Morrow YC '11, GSAS 2019
Isabel Bird, Yale College '13
Sarah Lopez, Yale College '16
Jennifer Fung, Yale College '12
Emily Stratton, Yale School of Nursing 2019
Ethan Braun, DMA, Yale School of Music 2021
Kimberley Dao, Yale College '20
Sohum Pal, YC '20
Khush Dhaliwal, Yale College 2019
Roger Sheu, GSAS 2020
Abby Zorn, Yale SOM '18
Leo O'Toole YLS '17
Sarah Long, Yale School of Nursing '17
Ann E. Killian, Yale College 2011, GSAS 2019
Arsalan Ahmed, YSPH '18
Wally Hilke, Yale Law '18
Sydney Daniels DC, '19
Kate Gonzales, Yale College 2011, School of Music staff
Carolyn Brokowski, Yale College '09
Zoe Rubin, Yale College 2016
Mason Ji, Yale College 2016
Zainab Hamid YC TD'19
Alison Mosier-Mills, Yale College '17
Zachary Maher, Yale College '13
Jacob Neis, Yale College 2017
Susan Morrow, YC '11, GSAS 2019
Inderpal Grewal, FAS
Matthew Miesionczek, Yale College 2001
Caroline Posner, Yale College 2018
Emily Stevens, Yale College 2009
Anna Smilow, Yale College '17
Alyssa Parpia, GSAS, 2020
Benoit Cyrenne, Medicine, 2018
Stacy Estrada, Yale College 2007
Taylor Hobbs, Yale College '18
Chris Gilbert Loyola Marymount university '10
Kanya iwana AMDA '14
Amanda El-Dakhakhni, Yale Law School 2014
Elizabeth Swartz, Yale College '10
Wardah Athar, YSM 2022
Chin Leng Cheng, GSAS 2020
Robert Bolyard, YSM 2008
Cynthia Oquendo, Yale College 2006
Remco Zwetsloot, GSAS 2021
Theodore Mathias YSOA, 17
Madeline Zoltek, Yale College '18
Olivia Ciacci, Yale Collge '05
Sohini Bandy Yale College Class of 2013
Olga Pagán, MC 2010
José Soegaard, Yale College '06
Justin Randolph, GSAS 2020
Rachel Luban, LAW '18
Derek Liu, Yale College 2017
Javier Alberto Botero, Yale College alumnus
Alex Gillon, Yale College '11
Songhee Bae, YDS 2017
Chad Small, YC 2016
Elias Brown, ES 17
Alexandra Schmeling, Yale College '16
Jessica Brooks, Yale FES 2015
Vivien Wong, Yale College '15
Rebecca Ojserkis, Yale Law School '17
Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes - Yale Div. '18
Hannah Mogul-Adlin, Yale College 2013, YSPH 2015
Dan Magaziner, History and African Studies
Jenn Gilbert, SOM/YSPH '18
Tim Altenhof, YSOA 2017
Kaitlyn Sanders, YC 2010
Elizabeth Peters, TC 2012
Jennifer Paton, Yale College 2007
Susanna Newbury, Ph.D, GRD '14
Jessica Purcell
Jakob Dorof, Yale College 2012
Lucas O'Connor, Yale College 2009
Michael Bilow SY '09
Brittany Levingston, English and African American Studies
Charlotte Herber, Yale College '18
Daniel Hirschel-Burns, GSAS 2022
Stefani Kuo, PC 2017
Shirley Deng YSN '17
Simon Swartzman, Yale College '10
Amanda Joyce Hall, GSAS 2021
Natalie Trigo Reyes, Yale College 2010
Sebastian Brady, YLS 2019
Tasnim Mollah, Yale College 2019
Julia Hamer-Light, SM '18
Sarah Doernberg, YSM 2005
Wilson Mingxi He, Yale College 2020
William Chang, GSAS 2012
Suraj Arshanapally, YSPH 2018
Mayra Alaniz, Georgetown University
Grace Kao, Yale Law 2015
Maureen Kelleher Yale College '89
Graciela Garcia, Yale College 2018
Brooke Danaher, Yale College 2007
Lina G Ayenew
Vaclav Pinos, Comparative Literature
Genne Murphy, YSD '18
Molly Williams, Yale College 2017
Pamela Corcoran GSAS 2017
Sarah Sullivan, Yale College 2012
David Z. Chen, SY 2012
Flo Low, YSD '17
Henry Reichard
Arya Sundaram Yale College 2020
Shammah Koh
Grace Paine YC '17
Sanya Kumar, YLS 2017
Ruth Metzel FES/SOM '16
Rebecca Schwartz, Yale College 2008
Simeon Man
Fredy González, GSAS 2013
Peter Feltman-Mahan. YDS
Jack Lawrence
Darby Henry, Yale College '17
Alteronce Gumby, YSA 2016
Heywood Jablome YMS 2976
Bill Rankin, History of Science and Medicine
Zoë Kitchel, Yale College 2015
Julia Lee, Yale College 2015
Andrew Saydjari, Yale College 2018
Alison Gates, Yale College 2011
Ama Francis, YLS '18
Zakia Salime, WGSS,
V Prentice, LAW '15
Charley Casler, Yale College '08
Charlotte Lovejoy, Yale College 2016
Nicole (Mayard) Allen, Yale College '08, EPH '10
Carolyn Lipka, Yale College '14
Emilie Foyer, PC '13
Ryan Michael Dailey, Yale College 2015
Hana Awwad, Yale College 2014
Angel Hertslet YC08 FES15
Erica Nelson, GSAS 2016
Sarah Uhl Smith, FES '12
Yao Yang, Yale School of Public Health 2013
Shadi Ghaheri
Allison Waggener, PC 03
Allison Waggener, Yale College, PC '03
Allison Guy, Yale College '08
Rafael Baldasso, DC '16
Matthew Mendez, GSAS 2022
Emalie Mayo, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Scool of Drama
Akua Agyen, Yale College 2014
Joe Kim
Ying-Ying Ma, Yale College 2007
Jasmine Liu, Yale College '20
Dixa Ramírez, American Studies and ER&M
Philip V. McHarris, GSAS 2020
Raquel Zepeda, JE '14
Maria Stenquist, Yale School of Nursing 2018
Maria Stenquist, YSN 2018
Maureen Ohanlon
Zana Davey Yale College '15, SOM '18
Charles Graves IV, Yale Divinity '15
Sarah Nietfeld, YSD 2018
Norie Pride, Yale College 2008
Eian Katz, SM '13
Faren Tang, YLS '18
Emma Hathaway, Yale College 2017
Joanne Hathaway
Angharad Rebholz SY '14
Lauren Jepson, MD, Yale Pediatrics Resident
Mie Inouye, GSAS 2020
Maria Pozimski, Yale FES 2017
Mira Vale, PC '13
Allen Davis, GSAS 2020
James Lewis, Yale '20
Aura Young, GSAS 2018
Ellen Su, Yale College 2013
Ellen Su, Yale College 2013
Alexandra Schluntz, YLS 2018
Stephanie Pearl, Yale College 2010
Nick Allen, JE '13
Ashley Atilano
Charlie Urban-Mead, Yale College 2019
Kayla Williams, Yale College 2013
Tom Hicks YSM '17
Laura Kellman, Yale College '15
Maura Fitzgerald, PC 2008
Sybil Alexandrov, Senior Lector II, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese
Patricio Boyer, Yale college 1998, GSAS 2006
Emalie Mayo, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Scool of Drama
Sandra Mendiola, Yale College 2016
Jonah Majumder, Yale College 2017
Rae Powell, Drama '17
Carolyn Condon Jacobs, GSAS 2021
Angela Lee-Smith, Senior Lector, Dept.of East Asian Languages and Literatures
Hannah Beinecke, Yale SOM '18
Angela Lee-Smith, Senior Lector, Dept. of EALL
Sable Worthy, CC 2012
Tori Truscheit, Yale College '05
Alex Lew, Yale College 2015
Catherine María Rodríguez, Yale School of Drama 2018
Marie Calvert-Kilbane, Yale College 2010
Stephen Brandes, Yale College 2009
Joanne Cyganowski, Yale College 2009
Eshe Sherley, Yale College '16
Gabriel Winslow-Yost, Yale College 2008
Joseph Meyers, LAW '18
Diego Espitia
Erin Kellogg, YSPH 2018
Maria-Lourdes Sabé
Rachel Love, GSAS 18
Nicole Narea, Yale College 2016
David Shatan-Pardo, Yale College 2015
Carolyn Paul, retiree
Ona Ahumada, Yale College 1998
Emma Clune, Yale College 2007
Matthew Dell, Yale College 2008
Chantal Hoff, YSPH 2018
Mary Mussman, Yale College 2015
Maria Jordan, Spanish and Portuguese and History depts.
Gavin Witt, Yale College 1989
Kate Redburn YLS '18, GSAS History
Amy Zheng, Yale College 2019
Rebecca Lieb, Yale College 2010
Melis Emre, YLS '19
Laura McCready, LAW ‘18
Liesl Spitz, YDS 17
Catherine Crooke, LAW '19
Arash Fereydooni, Yale College 2015, Yale School of Medicine 2019
Jeongah Heo, Yale School of Drama 2019
Andrew Resnick, Yale College 2008
Amanda Gorton, Yale College 2010
Isadora Milanez, YC 2018
Julie Palmer-Hoffman, Yale School of Nursing 2018
Alyssa Yamamoto, Yale Law School 2018
Charles O'Malley, Yale School of Drama 2018
Jhenette Lauder, Yale College 2010
Sugasini Kandiah, Yale College 2011
Tori Sampson, YSD '17
Michael Solotke, DC '13 MED '20
Chad Dexter Kinsman, YSD 2018
Jerry Wei, Yale College 2010
Molly FitzMaurice
Jess Moldovan, Yale College 2011
Emily Goldberg, Yale College '17
José Argueta Funes, YLS 2019
Paul Burow, GSAS 2021
Molly Joyce, Yale School of Music '17
Elizabeth Kuwada, Yale College 2010
Emily Reeder, YSD '17
Adrienne Spiegel, Yale College 2012
Michelle Hutchings
Eileen Galvez, La Casa Cultural
Kathy Ruvuna, YSD 2019
Daniel Botsman
Palav Babaria, YSM 2009
Tess Hamilton, Yale College 2017
Rafi Bildner, Yale College 2016
Caroline Merrifield, GSAS 2017
Phillip Clopton, Yale College 2008
Sonia Valle
Priscilla Leiva Yale College 2007
Rebecca Fabbro, Yale College 2009
Lola Pellegrino, Yale School of Nursing 2012
Laura Cornwall, YSD '19
Paige Torres, Yale College '19
Sophie Siegel-Warren, YSD '19
Ayeza Bajwa, Yale College 2020
Helen Willsey, GSAS Genetics '15
Lianabel Oliver, Yale College '77
Roslyn Rivas, Yale College 2017
Charles Hernandez, GSAS 2018
Jaime Totti YC 2009 DRA 2019
William van Altena, Prof. Emeritus, Astronomy Dept.
David Thier, Yale College 2009
Cordelia Istel, Yale College 2010
Alicia van Altena, Sr. Lector retired,
John Curtis, YSM
Luis Fernando Machado Poletti Valle, Yale College '18
Morgan Galloway, GSAS
Anastasia Eccles, Yale College 2007
Diandra Fermin, Yale College 2012
Lynmarie Knight, Yale School of Nursing 2017
Derek Shiller
Michael Henehan, Post-Doc, Yale G&G
Joan Channick, faculty, Yale School of Drama
Julia Rose Golomb, Yale School of Forestry + Environmental Studies '15
Cole McCarty, Yale School of Drama 2018
Victoria Baena, GSAS 2021
Ariel Sibert, YSD 2018
Emona Stoykova, YSD 2018
Anna Altman, Yale College 2007
Justin Moore, Yale College 2010
Damien Abreu, Yale College 2010
Jin Kim, Yale College 2011
Iben Falconer, YSoA 2009
Sofia Solomon, Yale College 2009
Marlin Cohen, Yale College 2009
Michael Commendatore
Jeremy Weiss, Yale College 2015
Carolina Ortiz, YSD'17
William Stone, BR '12, LAW '17
Ashby Cogan, YC 2014
Samba Binagi, Yale College 2011
Nora Alaniz CCON 2014
Andrea Masterson, Yale College '19
Samba Binagi, Yale College 2011
Ike Silver, Yale College 2015
Eva Jimenez, Yale College 2012
Samba Binagi, Yale College 2011
Hannah Phelps, Yale College 2017
Emily Flagler, Yale College 2015
Adam J. Frank DRA/SOM '18
Alexandra Rose, Yale College 2010
Zoe Greenberg Yale College 2013
Guillermo Peralta, Yale College 2012
Daisy Wolf, Yale College 2014
Julia Carnes, Yale College 2017
Laszlo Gendler, Yale '20
Joseph Lim, Yale School of Medicine, 2020
Ellen Monkemeier, Yale Law School 2019
Sharmin Ghaznavi, GSAS '07, YSM '08
Jacob Swindells, YSM '17
Alice Eccles, GSAS 2016
David Kim, LAW '17
Sam Messer
Lourdes Carreno
Amy Boratko, Staff, YSD '06
Eric Hu, Yale School of Art '13
Liz Koenig, Yale College 2008
Anthony Tordillos, Yale College 2014
Tim Lorek, GSAS 2018
Sohina Sidhu, Yale school of drama 2019
Michelle E. Lewis FES/YDS/ISM '13
Jen Ortiz, Yale College 2008
Carolina Malagon, Yale College 2008
Eric Phung, Yale College 2017
Patrick Young YSD
Holly Wesselhoft Yale College 2008
Simon Torracinta, GSAS 2022
Sarah Lupberger, Yale School of Forestry 2015
Nathan Butters, YDS '14
Dan Rubins, Yale College 2016
Selena Anjur-Dietrich, Yale College'17
Amanda Laws Yale College 2003
Richard Rico, Yale College 2012
José Meza, Yale College 2010
Khay Nguyen, ES'07
Amanda Taheri, Yale College 2019
Rayer Ma, Yale College 2017
Daniel Debowy, Yale College 1995
Edison A. Machado, Jr., MD, MBA YSM 2005, SOM 2005
Anne Eller, History
Marcia Hunt, Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine
Liliana Marmolejo, Yale College 2019
Daniel Tahara, Yale College 2014
William Ratoff GSAS 2019
Tara Bancroft, Yale GSAS GRD 2015
João Doria de Souza, Yale School of Art 2014
Max Nardini, LAW '16
Edward Antonio, Yale College 2019
Nasim Mirzajani Yale college 2018
Dan Chiu, YSPH 2017
Daniela Czemerinski, Yale College 2017
Brian Levin, Yale College 2011
Pablo Uribe, Yale College '2018
Caitlin Purdome
Clark Reddy, Yale GSAS 2017
Caitlin Crombleholme, Yale School of Drama 2019
Ariel Sánchez, YC 2019
Sarah Merchant, Yale College 2017
Amra Saric, Yale College 2017
Elise Rose, Yale School of Nursing
Matthew Lawlor, Yale College 2008, GSAS 2014
Kira Tebbe, Yale College 2017
Carmen Lu, Yale College 2012, LAW'16
Allison Hadley, Yale College 2012 GSAS 2018
Elena Saavedra Buckley, Yale College 2018
Terry Seymour, Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Carolina CB Cooper, Yale College 2011
Tom Cusano, YC 2018
Tianhui Chen, YSOA 2016
Sarika Arya, Yale College 2011
Katrina Im, YSN 2018
Jessica Kelly-Hauser, Yale School of Nursing '18
Abigail Point, Yale School of Nursing 2018
Patricia Cavanaugh, Yale School of Nursing 2018
Iris Vuong, Yale College 2011
Ariel Levy, Yale School of Nursing
Hallie Mathia, Yale School of Nursing 2018
Paddy Gavin
Michael Tappel, Yale College 2017
Joshua McGilvray, Yale College, TD 2018
David Langdon, YC '13 ARCH '18
Joshua McGilvray, Yale College, TD 2018
David Langdon, YC '13 ARCH '18
Mariah Xu, Yale College, ES '16
Joseph Pace, Law School, 2010
Luke Hellum, YC '19
Juliana Ramos-Ruano, Senior Lector I, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese
Anne Lovelace, Yale College 2012
Ben Mylius, YLS LLM '15
Robert Calabresi, YC Class of 2018
Farhan Murshed, Yale Med 2017
Karri Weisenthal, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Molly Channon, YDS/ISM '17
Rodrigo Huyke, BK 2018
Antonio L. Ingram II Yale College 2011
Rebecca Keller, YDS 2014
Alexandra Bercow, Yale College Class of 2011
Elizabeth Villarreal, SY '16, LAW '19
Elizabeth King, YLS 2018
Melanie Pagán López
Santiago Muñoz, GSAS 2017
Sheridan Finnie, Yale School of Public Health '18
Angela Yang
Jennifer Gersten, Yale College '16
Shaj Mathew, GSAS 2020
April Hu, LAW '17
Maya Jenkins, Yale College 2018
Ruth Jarmul, Yale College 1971
Arielle Ganem Rosen Yale School of Nursing 2018
Kenise Lyons GSAS 2012
Daniel Juarez, MusM '02
Esther Nie MC09
Alex Interiano, Yale College '14
Jasmine Walker, Yale College 2009
Lisa Gilson, GSAS 2018
Allison Lawrence, YSN 2017
Adrian Sheppard, YSOA '66
Brendan Ternus, Yale College Class of 2012
Kathy Peng, Yale College 2009
Erin McCarthy King, Yale College 1998, GSAS 2009
Thea Senger, YSN, 2018
Lara Boyle, Yale College 2013
Urs Weber, YSM 2018
Michael Bustamante, ES 2006, GSAS 2016
Lynda Paul, YSD, 2017
Kristina Klara, Yale School of Medicine '19
Angelina Xing, Yale College 2017
Skyler Robinson
Simon Hacker, YDS, exch. stud. 14/15
Adrian Latortue, Yale College 2010
Jacqueline Hall, YSoA + F&ES 2018
Hyungmee Lim, Yale College '15
David Halpern Yale College 1999
Jenny Blair, BS '97/99, MD '04
Travis Whitfill, YSPH '14
Aryu Fo'ril, Yale College 2016
Katherine McKenzie, Assistant Professor,School of Medicine
Steven Touzard, GSAS 2019
Hannah Friedman, Yale College SY '17
Andrew Zhang, Yale College '20
Sophie Freeman , Yale College 2018
Aurora Robles, Yale School of Art '12
Sarah McIlvried, Yale Divinity School 2016
Cynthia Yue, Yale College '20
Omar Motala, Yale College 2020
Christopher Geissler, GSAS 2020
Jude Alawa, Yale College 2019
Kendall Teare, Yale College '17
Amy DeDonato, Yale School of Architecture, '12
Amelia Urry, Yale College '13
Bailey Pickens, Yale Divinity School '16
Andrew M Hendrixson, Yale Divinity School 2018
Max Petersen, GSAS 2017, YSM 2018
Christopher Palencia, YC '09
Wonji Kim, Yale Divinity School '19
Nuru Stracey, Yale College 2009
Anya van Wagtendonk, Yale College 2012
Joel A. Eaton, YDS 2017
Jane Hu, Yale College 2009
Adam Truett Davis
Bethany Carlson, Yale Divinity School '16
Samantha Culp, Yale College, 2004
Oren Mangoubi, Yale College 2011
Hannah Hauptman, Yale College 2018
Charlotte V Parker, Yale College 2013
Nadia Kanagawa, Yale College 2006
Gabriel Greenberg, Yale College, 2005
Alyssa King, Law 2012, GSAS 2018
Isa C. Qasim, Yale College 2015
Juan P. Caballero, Yale College 2012
Vatsal Naresh, GSAS 2021
Saúl Ramírez, Yale Law School 2019
Rory Neuner, Yale College 2003
Jennifer Frahm, YC 05 GSAS 08
Aliza Rosenstein, YSN '18
Megan Sohi
Muriel Cleary Yale College 2002
Gerald Goh, GSAS 2014
Hugo Martinez Bernardino, Yale College 2011
Alina Yaman, Yale College 2017
Andrea Wiglesworth, Yale College BK 2017
Malina Buturovic, Yale College '16
Walker Frahm, JE '10
Alan Díaz-Santana
Scott Petersen, Lecturer, Computer Science Department
Joseph Fischel, FAS
Connie Cho, Yale College '13
Gabriela Netter, Yale College 2010
Alejandra Padin-Dujon, Yale College 2018
Matthew Lindauer, Ph.D. 2015
Abigail Coplin, Yale College 2008
Joan Gass, MC '12
John P. Mahoney, Yale College '16
Alexandra Smith, Yale College 2018
Natalie Howe, Yale College 2001
Kristine Vanijcharoenkarn, Yale College 2009
Elizabeth Pierson, YLS '18
Evelyn Scaramella, GSAS 2012
Kaitlyn Fox, Yale College '19
Scott T. Hillier, Yale College 2010
Sarah Weiner, Law '17
Gabrielle Diaz, Yale College 2018
Joanna Cornell, SY '12
Matthew Chalkley, Yale College 2013
Rishi Mirchandani, Yale College 2019
Alexander Ringlein
Philip Bronstein, Yale College '12
David Bruce YSOA '19
Lily Yan, Yale College 2010
Teo Soares, Yale College 2013
Eleanor Hander, Yale College '18
Caleb Hoffman, Yale College '17
Kevin Callender, GSAS 2015
Kei Franklin, Yale-NUS College '17
Sarah Tolbert, Yale Alum 2016
Victor Wong, GSAS 2016
Charles C. Johnson
Claire Kim, Yale College 2018
Margherita Tortora
Eric Williamson, Yale College '19
John Riley, Yale College 2010
Mariana Arjona Soberón, Yale College '13
Brittani Nichols, Yale College 2010
Wesley Yiin, YC 2016
Emily Sousa, Yale School of Nursing 2017
Brandi Waters, GSAS 2020
Alois Cerbu, Yale College 2018
Bethel Assefa, Yale College 2016
Ian Miller, Postdoctoral Fellow
Sarah Hecht, Yale College 2008
Jessie Tijl, Scool of Medicine PA Program 2018
Helen Price, Yale College '18
Jenna Freudenburg, Yale College 2013
Laura Plata BK '19
Catherine Ring, Yale School of Nursing 2018
Sarah Swong, Yale College '15
Sydney Treuer, Yale College 2015
Liana Epstein, Yale College 2005
Emma Weinstein, Yale School of Drama '19
Nathan Grubman, GSAS 2020
Talya Zemach-Bersin, GSAS '15
Sydney Gallas, Yale School of Drama 2016
Rachel Strodel, YC '18
Nicholas Dell Isola YC '18
Leila Virji, FES 2014
Rebeka Ryvola, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies '14
Vlad Chituc, TD 2012
Sophie Kramer, Yale College 2012
Krisha Patel, YSPH '18
Jeffrey Zuckerman, Yale College 2010
Michael S. Iamele
Caroline Kuritzkes, YC '18
Tien Tran, Yale College '19
Haja Kamara, Yale College 2019
Brian Pacelli, Yale School of Drama '17
Timeica Bethel, Yale College '11
Andrew Walchuk, LAW/DIV '17
Ben Muller, CC '10
Orit Yeret, Lector in Modern Hebrew NELC
Rachel Tuchman, Yale Law School '17
Victoria Wang
Khush Dhaliwal, Yale College 2019
Ron Evans, TC '89, Yale Sool of Music '92, Yale SOM '99
Amy Woodrum, YSPH and SOM 2017
Ben Pokross GSAS 2022
Ashraf Ahmed, Law '19
Dana Eisenberg, YSN 2018
Katharine Dion, Yale College '02
Laura Wexler, AMST, F&MS, WGSS
Maria M Vazquez GSAS 2012
Rhasaan Nichols, MC '08
Eva Cosgrove
Michael Pizzi, GSAS 2018
Marley Urdanick, FES 2015
Ashley Miles, MC '09
Orin Kramer, Yale College '67
Emily Suran, Yale College 2012
Alice Conant, YSPH '18
Amrutha Dorai YC 18
James Storch, Yale College 2010
Aneesa Noorani, YC '16
Abby Gandy
Adrian Holman, Yale School of Management '18
Nicole Roberts '10
Jocina Becker, Yale School of Management 2017
Jonathan Brownrigg, Yale College 2019
Allyn Hughes, Yale School of Art '16
Cristobal Gonzalez, Yale College '20
Jennie Choe, Yale School of Medicine 2018
Francesca Fernandez McKenzie, YSD '18
Sebastian Arboleda, YSD '17
Siyu Xiao, Yale School of Medicine '18
Loren Britton, Yale School of Art, 2017
Rick Yang, YSPH 2017
Stephanie Ranks, GSAS 2020
Phoebe Chatfield Yale College ES'18
Micha Sam Raredon, Yale College '11, Yale School of Medicine '18, Yale SEAS '22
Tara Zivkovic, Yale Law School 2017
Harris Eppsteiner, Yale College '12
Kate Maltby, SY '10
Paul Robalino, TD 2012
Nia Holston JE '14
Pedro A. Regalado, Yale GSAS, American Studies PhD Student
Nehemiah Blackburn, Yale College 2017
Laura Tunbridge, Yale College 2013
Jason Stanley, Jacob Urowsky Professor of Philosophy
Gina Moreno-Valle, Yale School of Art '14
Nicole Fish, Yale College '17
Lauren Sanchez, Yale FES '14
Daniela Dover, Yale College '05
Eliza Lehner, Yale Law School 2017
Ben Friedman, FES '14
Ryan Waller, Yale School of Art '09
Zoe Mercer-Golden, Yale College '13
Lauren Motzkin, Yale College '12
Jenny Goff, Yale College '12
Stephen Darwall, Andrew Downey Orrick Professor of Philosophy, Yale College '68
Romil Chouhan, GSAS 2011
Paige Baum, YSPH '17
Barbara Browning, BA '83, PhD '89
Lucy Lindsey, Yale School of Art '17
Lauren Koster, Yale College '12
Alexandra Forman
Alexander Bazazi, YSM2018
Deborah Frankel, Yale College 2006
Alexandru Bogdan Georgescu, Yale GSAS, Physics Ph.D Student
Margaret Homans, English and WGSS
Ashanti Shih GSAS 2019
Daniel Diaz-Vita, Yale College '19
Katherine Park, Yale College 2011
Ashanti Shih, GSAS 2019
Emma Green, Yale College '19
Hussein Mohsen, GSAS 2021
Sarah Rose, Yale College '17
Anthony Coleman
Dan Moccia-Field FES '18
Illyana Green, Yale College '14, LAW '19
Jasmine Jennings, YLS '19
Jiaqi Liu Yale College 2018
Ryan Handoko, YSM 2020
Lindsay Zafir, GSAS '20
Shireen Roy, Yale College '19
Samuel Black, Yale College '07
Laura Blake, Yale College 2012
Kellie Kozel, Yale School of Nursing, 2018
Jazzmin Estebane, Yale College '13
Lily Janiak, Yale College '08
Julia Hedges
Salvador Fernández, Yale College 2013
Bianca Siravo, Yale School of Nursing, 2018
Sameer Jaywant, Yale Law School 2018
Miya Cain, Yale College 2008
Sameer Jaywant, Yale Law School 2018
Laura Crescimano, Yale College 2000
Jason Hu, Yale College 2019
Nathalie Guevara
Emilio Araujo
Nina Eliasoph, Yale College 1982
Juana Hernandez
David A. Black, Yale College 1982
Arvind Venkataraman, Yale College 2019
Laura Schafer, Yale School of Medicine, 1983
Harriet Goren, ES '83
Matthew Wilcox, Yale School of Public Health 2017
Harriet Goren, ES '83
Audrey Thier 1981
Jessica Walthall YSN 2018
Ron Carlos , Faculty, Yale School of Drama
Allen Tupper Brown, Yale BA '64, Yale Law '68
Arturo Soria YSD19
Michaela Mujica-Steiner
Jennifer Rycenga, Yale College, 1980
Marisol Orihuela, LAW '08
Amy Chazkel, GSAS 2002
Katherine Villeda, UCONN '19
Susana Ramirez
Julie Zhu, Yale College 2012
Laura Palese, TD '02
Steve D. Whittaker, Yale College 08, YSPH 18
Pedro Ramirez, Yale Law School 2018
Katie Chockley, SM '14
Heba Gowayed
Nicholas Occhiuto, PhD student Yale sociology
Matthew McConnell, Post-doc fellow
Angela Burden, physics
Rachel Grace Newman, Yale College 2009
Chantal Rodriguez, Assistant Dean, Yale School of Drama
Zachary Carter, GSAS 2016
Chloe Chen-Kraus, GSAS 2020
Lisa D. Richardson, YSD '19
Ryan McLynn, Medicine 2018
Arthur A Burrows, Yale College 1964
Josh Feler, Medicine 2019
Mirtala Sanchez, Yale College 2012
Lesley Barth Ramsey, Yale College '09
Daphne Martin, Morse '19
Chitra Ramalingam, History
Samuel Johnson, GSAS 2017
Dipin Kaur
Cynthia Horan, Political Science
Adriana Collings, YSPH '18
Ellen Lange, School of Drama
Kathryn Vida, '10
Christina Rulli, GSAS 2011
Lisa Bob, Yale School of Medicine, 1978
Sarah Heath, Yale College '73
Jacob Middlekauff, Yale College '19
Kate Attwell, Yale School of Drama, '13
Stefanie Victor, School of Art '09
Lauren Francescone, Yale School of Art '11
Alan Ruiz, Yale School of Art '09
Isaac Nakhimovsky, History and Humanities
Andrew Wagner, Yale College '15
Lesley Barth Ramsey, Yale College '09
Arthur Brum, 2010
Susan Stanton, YSD '10
Michael Hsu, Yale School of Drama 2017
Carmen Kordick, GSAS 2012
Christine Kang, SOM '17
Julia Sun
Diana Lemberg, GSAS 2014
Carolyn DeSchiffart, CC'18
Besenia Rodriguez, PhD GSAS '06
Alejandro Desince, Columbia College '18
Lourdes Correa-Carlo YSOA MFA '09
Stacey Kennard, GSAS 2008
Gabriela Collins-Fernandez, Yale School of Art 2012
Elizabeth De Vita
Emma Allen, Saybrook 2010
Martin Schnellinger, YSD '13
Jennifer Lambe, GSAS 2014
Joseph Buckley, Yale School of Art '15
Louisa Brown, GSAS '15
Jonathan Gorman, Yale School of Art 2015
Paul G Escobar Yale College 1989
Brandi Twilley MFA 2011
Lico Whitfield, YSD '13
Nikita Gale, Yale College 2006
Christine Mathias, BR '07, GRD '15
Shahrzad Changalvaee, Yale School of Art 2015
Bryson Rand, MFA 2015
Marisa Manso, Yale School of Art '15
Steven Lance, Yale Law School 2018
Suraiya Jetha, Yale College 2006
Trent Anderson, YSD/SOM 2019
Sejin Park, Yale College 2010
Alison Bloom-Feshbach, YC Morse 2006
Sarah Beth Weintraub, Yale College 2011
Lisa Ubelaker Andrade, PHD GSAS '13
Lucy Hunter, PhD GSAS '19
Sarah Beth Weintraub, Yale College 2011
Rachel Myers. Yale College 1981
Sarah Donaldson, PC '01
Ava Casados, GSAS 2019
Rachel Gulbraa, FES 2017
Katie Aragon, Yale College 2014
Babak Gharaei-Tafti
Michelle Ferreira, YSM 2019
Jordan White
Haeyoon Chang, YSPH-MPH '18
Lesley Barth Ramsey, Yale College '09
Sarah Beth Weintraub, Yale College 2011
Angharad Davis, GSAS 2018
Christopher Penney, Yale College 1983
Sophia Sánchez-Maes
Julie Klein, SM '87
Ivetty Estepan, Yale College 2018
Isaac Robinson, Yale College 2021
Deborah Hoffert, Yale College 1978
Cole Lewis, Yale School of Drama 2014
Ivy Li, TD'20
Juan Otoya Vanini TD'20
Inge Schmidt GSAS 2012
Adrian Rivera
Azeezat Adeleke, Yale College 2017
Me'Lena Laudig, Yale College 2019
Leticia Vita Hervert
Jacob Evelyn, Yale College '13
Julia Rosenheim, Yale College 2018
Evan Linn, Yale College 2018
Rachel Kenney, Yale School of Drama 2019
Chiazam Agu
Robert Adam Rigg, YSD 2013
Kean Hsu, Yale College (ES '06)
Carmen M. Martinez, Yale School of Drama '14
Joyce Wang, JE'17
Benjamin Held, Yale College 2017
Stephanie Wagner, Yale College 2013
Faria Kamal, Yale School of Medicine
Ruth Boling, Yale College, 1983
Eliza Dach, Yale College 2017
Jeania Ree Moore, SY'12
Julia Bleckner, GSAS 2021
Amalia Skilton, Yale College 2013
Johanna Flato, Yale College 2014
Joseph Murdy, Yale College 2015
Jesse Finley Reed, Yale School of Art, 2004
Max Sauberman, Yale College 2017
Walker Olesen YSOA 2017
Sofia Gulaid, SY '18
Tina Colón Williams, Yale College '09
Joshua Williams, Yale College '08, YDS '11
Farah Al Qasimi, '12 Yale School of Art '17
Carolina Rivera, Yale College 2016
Drake Konow II, YDS 2014
Shuzi Lin
Sarah Armitage, Yale College 2012
Elizabeth Spenst, Yale College 2018
Kirk Freudenburg, Professor, Department of Classics
Kevin Rigby Jr GSAS
Nicholas Occhiuto GSAS 2019
Laura Mark, Yale School of Public Health, Yale School of Medicine PA
Lani Inverarity, YLS 2015
Manal Abu-Shaheen, Yale School of Art '11
Randy Wilmot, Yale School of Architecture 1989
Thomas Nakanishi, SY '05
Sarah Thurer, Yale School of Art 2011
Mark Rosenberg, Yale College 2020
Cathryn Garcia-Menocal Yale School of Architecture '17
Karla Alvarado
Alexandra Shpitalnik, Harvard College 2019, Lifetime Resident of Branford, CT
Cecilia Nuñez
Lisa Trever, Yale College 2000
Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin, Yale College 2001
Karen Hashley, YSD 2010
Genesis De Los Santos, Harvard College '19
Lauren Jacobson Spokane, Yale College 2008
Erica Stern, Yale College 2007
Benjamin Boult, Yale College 2014
Katherine Stiegemeyer, Tufts University 2018
Dominique Fenton, Yale College 2010
Zeshan Gondal, Yale College 2019
Ida Assefa, Yale College '09
Alexandria Moore, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies 2018
Lisa Ann Tang, Yale College 2017
Anshi Moreno Jimenez
Suzanne Brenner, Yale College 1980
Khaya Klanot '20
Ari Weisbard, Yale Law School 2008
Vikram Chandhok, Yale Law School 1984
Ronit Abramson, Yale College 2013
Matthew Stone, ES '18
Alejandra Canales, YC 2020
Greg Lipstein, Yale College 2008
Fabio Del Sordo, postdoctoral fellow, G&G
Krista Madsen, Yale College 1995
Eliza Alston
Susannah Albert-Chandhok, Yale College 2014
John Opferkuch, Yale College '85
Annalee Salcedo, Yale College 1995
Larry Abare, JE '09
Samuel Bhutto, GSAS 2021
Maxime Pradier, Yale College 2019
John Gaudet, Yale School of Medicine
Crystal Garcia, Yale College 2009
Amy Woolever, Yale College 1995
Noah Bookbinder, Yale College 1995
Cynthia Chen, SY 2013
Tyler Miles '20
Christy Olezeski, Assistant Professor
Noah Schlager, Yale School Of Forestry and Environmental Science
Rebecca Chan, Yale Law School 2018
Christine Clark, UNLV
Rehanna Kheshgi, Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale Institute of Sacred Music
Jason Najjoum
Alex Defroand GSAS '16
Nelson Auguste, Yale College 2017
Billie Lee, Yale School of Art, 2009
Debbie Taylor, ES 1981
Daniel Suárez, ES '11
Mira Safura O'Brien, Yale School of Art 2008
Leslie Kuo, Yale College (JE), 2003
Katie Trumpener, Emily Sanford Professor of Comparative Literature and English
Ruth G Koizim, Department of French
Stephen Feagin, GSAS 2020
Nicola Suthor, Department History of Art
Jonathan Heinly, Yale Divinity School 2017
Lisa Huang, YSPH 2017
Carol Armstrong, Professor, History of Art
Kyle Wiley, GSAS 2019
Sam Levatich SY 2017
Paola Odriozola, GSAS 2021
Giovanna Guerrero-Medina, Director, Yale Ciencia Initiative
Jemilat Salami-Oyenuga, PhD GSAS, 2018
Alison Kochersberger, GSAS
Evelyn Malave, Yale College 2005
Kayoko Shioda, GSAS 2020
Edward M. Courchaine, GSAS 2020
Eric Collins, YSPH 2018
Allison Hsiang, GSAS 2016
Meaghan Sullivan, PhD Student MBB
Zach Schwartz-Weinstein, Yale College 2004
Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy
Amaleah Hartman, Graduate Student, Yale Cell Biology
Taylor Sells, Yale MB&B Department '20
Richard Crouse, Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program
Jessica Angel, Yale School of Architecture '16
Ben Soltoff, SOM/FES 2019
Ian Quinn, Professor of Music
Okoduwa O Aboiralor, Yale College 2019
Ali Bandeali, School of Management 2018
Zeinab Khalil, GSAS 2017
Lissa Glasgo, Yale Jackson Institute 2017
Marc Shkurovich, BK '19
Megnaa Mehtta, Yale College 2010
Mary Claire Whelan, YC '19
Aviva Rabin-Court, Yale College 2019
Rohan Naik, Yale College 2018
Holly Lauridsen, GSAS'16
Mallory Isburg, ES'17
Mallet Njonkem
Harper Loonsk, Yale College Class of 2018
Jordana Gardenswartz, TD '18
Fiona Riebeling
Zuri Sullivan, Yale GSAS 2020
Corissa Carlson, Predoctoral Fellow
Nate Heiges, Yale School of Art 2010
Jason Blau, Yale College '08
Maeve Howard YC 2019
Robin Pearce, MC 2007
Rebecca LaCroix, GSAS 2018
Beth Goldberg, Global Affairs MA & SOM '18
Emilie Leforestier, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, 2017
Tarini Mohan
Nikola Alexandre, FES/SOM '18
Gabriela Viera, Yale College 2018
Benjamin Brubaker, Physics PhD 2017
Nina Straathof, Yale SOM 2018
Wilson Chou, Yale SOM '18
Dana Patterson, Yale School of Forestry and Studies, MEM 2017
Carly Gove, Yale College 2019
Travis DeShong, Yale College '19
Erica Luong, Yale School of Management 2018
Jill black
Skyler Chin
Tara Alpert, Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Liam Riley, Yale College 2019
Dan Kluger, Yale College 2018
Jerome Walker, Yale College 2019
Eleanor Garland, Yale College 2020
Tanya Hayes, BR '95
Moira Fradinger Associate Professor Comparative Literature
Benjamin Steinberg, Yale College 2017
Diego Del Río Arrillaga, Span & Port 2017
Fernando Rojas, Yale College 2019
Uri Rosenshine, '18
Luisa Graden, DC 2020
Vanessa Gubbins, GSAS 2020
Brian Brooks, Yale College 2017
Tom Chu Yale College 2019
Emily Reilly, Yale School of Drama '13
Patrick Baker, Yale Law School '18
Abigail Snyder, FES 2018
Sean Gandert, Yale College 2008
Julie Stein, PC 2003
Jason Nerenberg, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2010
Elena Lloyd-Sidle, Yale Divinity School '12
Rachel A. Heath, Yale Divinity School 2011
Rebecca Delventhal, GSAS '16
Bryce Wiebe, Yale Divinity School '11
RL Watson BA 2003, MAR 2010
Colin P. Watson, Jr.
Hannah Roh, Yale Divinity School 2012
Philip Yoo, STM 2009
Rituraj Shukla
Radhika Natarajan, TC '02
Julia McDowell SOM 18
Chirag Badlani, DC 2003
Mark Overmyer-Velazquez, Grad School 2002
Xinyuan Chen, JE 2017
Carolyn J. Sharp, Professor of Hebrew Scriptures
Bryce Wiebe, Yale Divinity School '11
Abby Zorn, SOM '18
Adam Viera BR'03
Esi Hutchful, Yale College (TD) 2012
Olivia Stewart, GSAS
Tisa Wenger, Associate Professor, Yale Divinity School
Landon Moore, Yale Divinity, 2019
Danielle Gerhard, GSAS '17
Michael Lebwohl, Yale College '17
Natasha Lightfoot, ES 1999
Maria-Elena Kolovos
Camille Grace Leon Angelo, Yale Divinity School 2018
Samin Shams
Alan Jiao
Sally Hansen, Divinity/ISM, 2018
Alex Worsnip, GSAS '15
Anna Hagstrom, GSAS 2018
Tatiana Patsimas, DC 2011
Shanna Murray, Yale GSAS 2016
Marema Diop, Yale School of Management '17
Deborah K. Symons, CLS
Elizabeth Reese, PC 2011
Brooke Sprague, Yale College, 2003
Nancy Pham, Yale School of Nursing 2017
Philip Levin, SY '06
Bill Reynolds, Yale School of Drama
Aaron Mitchell, Yale College 2005
Georgina Cullman, Yale College 2002
Dipali Mukhopadhyay, Branford 02
Mark Paschal, Divinity School, 2008
Sascha Murillo, YSM 2019
Kyle Eichner, MC 2012
Natalia Ariza, Yale School of Management '18
Stephen Gaughran, GSAS 2020
Troy Schuler, Yale College 2009
William Stroupe, ES '10
Yiheng Yvonne Wu, Yale College 2003
Elizabeth Werness, ES '03
Mary Yanik, YLS '14
Charles Vogl Div. 2011
Hector Hernandez, Yale College 2019
Mimi Yiengpruksawan, Professor of History of Art
Jorge E. Cuéllar, GSAS 2018
Emily Wing, Yale Divinity School '19
John Gaudet, Yale School of Medicine
Eli Benioff, ES'16
Holly Buhlman, 2017
Ainsley Dicks, GSAS 2012
Tobias Boes, GSAS 2006
Aaron Carico, ER&M
Perin Gurel, GSAS 2010
Kristen Hylenski, GSAS 2006
Sean Tristan Massa, Divinity School, 2018
Eve Fine, Yale College 2007

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