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MaeBright is a business that focuses on creating supportive and welcoming spaces for LGBTQ people. We provide assessment, policy and practice recommendations, technical assistance, trainings, and evaluation of climate for state agencies, non-profits, businesses, schools, religious communities, and summer camps.

MaeBright is owned and operated by LGBTQ people devoted to creating spaces that are more supportive and accessible to LGBTQ identities, and also people who experience marginalization based on race, color, ethnicity, ability, religious beliefs and affiliation, history of incarceration, language, immigration status, ancestry, national origin, relationship status, class, age, size, and other identities, including intersecting identities.

For training and technical assistance services, we try to involve the voices and experiences of LGBTQ people as much as possible. We are always looking to build our community of speakers. We also strongly believe in compensating our speakers, since LGBTQ voices are not only unheard and undervalued, but LGBTQ people are often unemployed and underemployed. Our compensation typically ranges between $75-100 per speaking engagement.

Previous experience of speaking is not necessary. We offer support for outlining your story, processing the experience afterwards, transportation, and an opportunity for giving feedback to us verbally and/or anonymously afterwards. We are looking for speakers with diverse stories throughout New England, but most of our speaking opportunities occur in Massachusetts.

If you'd like to register as a potential speaker, please complete this form. Please know that any information you feel comfortable sharing is helpful for us to finding the right fit for each speaking opportunity, based on the audience of the training. Sometimes we have specific opportunities for youth, or parents, or people with experiences accessing certain kinds of services, etc. All questions are optional and we will not share your information outside of MaeBright, unless given explicit permission.

Please note that completing this survey does not guarantee a speaking opportunity, just that you are interested in being contacted to be a speaker. Our opportunities for speaking engagements are available based on our clients' needs, audience, and other factors. If you have questions about what it looks like to be a speaker, MaeBright and what we do, or anything else, there is an option to have someone contact you, or feel free to contact one of us.

We want to help your voice be heard!

Ev Evnen, MPP, MBA - Director ev@maebright.com 617-945-8762

More information about MaeBright and our work at www.maebright.com