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1. I like things to be organized and running smoothly
2. I find pleasure in drawing, designing, painting, etc.
3. I find it relatively easy to speak about spiritual matters with other people.
4. I enjoy having someone share his or her personal problems with me so I can help.
5. I expect big things, even “impossible” things, to be done by God
6. I am willing to maintain a lower standard of living in order to support the Lord’s work very generously
7. I would rather be one who helps than one who leads.
8. I find pleasure in the repair and maintenance of things.
9. I enjoy providing food and/or lodging to people who are in need.
10. I often pray intensely for other people and lose track of time while praying.
11. I am able to discover new biblical truths for myself.
12. Given the choice, I would rather be a group leader than simply a member of the group
13. Others have told me how helpful I have been to them in a time of distress.
14. I enjoy singing Christian songs at church.
15. I am truly concerned when I see a fellow Christian begin to backslide.
16. I am able to formulate my thoughts and ideas into effective, written form.
17. I find it easy to clarify people’s problems for them and to give them solutions.
18. I am accomplished at playing a musical instrument.
19. I am able to help others learn biblical facts and details that aid in the building up of their lives.
20. I am skilled at planning, organizing, and managing even complex projects.
21. It is a joy for me to create craft items, banners, and other visual worship aids.
22. I have a real desire to see non-Christians be converted and become responsible disciples of Jesus.
23. I am able to have compassion for those who are having problems.
24. I see difficulties as opportunities for God to display His glory.
25. I feel deep satisfaction knowing my giving is making a real difference.
26. When a job needs to be done, I am willing to do it if I am able and if I am asked.
27. Given a choice, I would rather work with my hands than my head.
28. I enjoy having guests in my home.
29. I find myself praying for others when I am in the process of doing other things.
30. People look to me for answers to questions about Bible truths.
31. I willingly accept responsibility for leading groups that lack direction or motivation.
32. I enjoy helping those who seemingly are ignored by most others around them.
33. I am comfortable leading others in singing praises to God.
34. I am willing to suffer inconvenience or even hostility in attempting to bring a straying Christian back to the fold.
35. I feel secure in the fact that the words I write will be of benefit to those who read them
36. I look at things in a more practical way than a theoretical way
37. I would enjoy taking part in a church, school, or local instrumental music presentation.
38. I find it easy to explain things to people so that they understand.
39. Others see me as highly organized and look for my help in managing projects.
40. I enjoy making or creating items.
41. People respond favorably when I share my faith with them.
42. People seem to come to me for counsel and advice and I find that I am able to help them.
43. I am more likely to say, “It can be done,” rather than, “It can’t be done.”
44. I willingly contribute to projects needing my support or people in financial need.
45. I get satisfaction out of working well under the leadership of another person.
46. I enjoy lawn care and other outside maintenance.
47. I am at ease with guests and/or visitors, and enjoy making them feel welcome and a part of things.
48. I am confident that through my prayers God works great things in my life and in the lives of other people.
49. I am able to remember well what I have learned.
50. I adjust my leadership style to work well with a variety of individuals or groups.
51. When I see that someone is hurting, I seek ways to do something to help.
52. Others have complimented me on my singing.
53. I have a deep desire to grow in the Lord and to meet regularly with others to help them grow—from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.
54. I am able to compose articles and layout newsletters in an efficient, meaningful style.
55. It seems that people look to me for solutions to problems.
56. I am interested in utilizing my instrumental musical talents for the appreciation of my friends and to the glory of God.
57. I am able to organize my thoughts in a logical, systematic way.
58. I am concerned about budgeting my time wisely.
59. I enjoy sewing, quilting, knitting, needlepoint, etc., especially when it is helpful and useful to others.
60. In my relationships with non-believers, I regularly find ways to share my faith.
61. I am a patient listener.
62. I find it easy to trust God to provide all of my physical needs
63. I enjoy giving, regardless of the response of the one to whom I give.
64. I find joy in serving in small, behind-the-scenes and sometimes routine matters.
65. I would rather work with a machine than manage people.
66. I am willing to open my home to guests or strangers and share with them what I have.
67. When I am asked to pray for others, I feel that my prayers will have tangible results.
68. I find it relatively easy to memorize and later to recall Bible verses.
69. I can successfully motivate, guide, and manage others to reach important goals.
70. Helping others in need gives me joy, even if they cannot possibly repay me.
71. I enjoy learning and growing in my ability to sing.
72. Other Christians seem able to relate to me and follow my leading.
73. I find great pleasure in composing and writing stories and articles for the benefit of others.
74. When a problem is being discussed at a meeting, etc., a clear resolution will come to my mind.
75. I find satisfaction in knowing that my ability to perform instrumental music helps others to praise God.
76. I would enjoy teaching a group of children or adults about the love of Jesus.
77. I have the ability to organize ideas, things, time, and people.
78. When I work with my hands at various arts and crafts, I derive much joy and satisfaction.
79. Others see me as being confident in my faith, and ready and willing to share it.
80. I am able to deal with people in a non-judgmental way, yet without condoning godless behavior.
81. For the most part, I am more excited about the future and what it holds than the past.
82. When giving, I am not greatly concerned about whether I can afford it.
83. When someone else does well, partly because I helped him or her, this makes me happy.
84. I derive satisfaction from building or refurbishing objects for the benefit of others.
85. Strangers, visitors, or guests feel at home when they are with me.
86. I find great joy in praying for others.
87. Given a choice, I would just as soon spend an evening with a good book than with people.
88. Others naturally look to me to lead, especially when facing big challenges.
89. It makes me happy to bring comfort, hope, and joy to people facing difficulties.
90. I am happy to sing in front of others.
91. I enjoy working with those who are new to Christianity and thrill to see little steps of spiritual progress in their lives
92. I know that my literary skill would be of aid to other people, and that they would be built up and informed because of it.
93. I find that others accept my suggestions as being wise and practical.
94. Playing a musical instrument, either alone or with other groups of people, gives me pleasure.
95. I like to study the Bible and share my findings with other Christians.
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