Preliminary Event Submission for GlobalPhilly 2019

Guidelines for Participating Events in GlobalPhilly™ 2019

1. GlobalPhilly™ 2019 is the fourth edition of Philadelphia’s modern international exposition, with events being held between September 1 – October 15, 2019.

2. Events organized by members of the Global Philadelphia Association and sponsors of GlobalPhilly™ 2019 will be given priority for outreach and publicity in the exposition materials – make sure to request our “Sponsoring packet” or simply ask our GlobalPhilly™ 2019 Project Manager for more details about the different opportunities.

3. Events included in GlobalPhilly™ 2019 will be compatible with the goals of the celebration and the Global Philadelphia Association and will have a clear international or multicultural dimension, whether in heritage, education, business, sports, cuisine, or the arts.

4. Participating organizations will feature GlobalPhilly™ 2019 as part of their own event publicity and will respect the integrity of the GlobalPhilly™ 2019 promotional mark. Details available online in the GlobalPhilly™ 2019 Promotional Toolkit.

5. Participating organizations will assist with publicity and outreach for the entire GlobalPhilly™ 2019 celebration.

6. Once your event is registered, the organization will keep the GlobalPhilly™ 2019 team informed of developments and any changes to ensure that all publicity is current and accurate.

Thank you for participating in GlobalPhilly™!

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