Feedback on our Temporary Closure
Due to technical difficulties, McGill Students' Nightline was forced to close our phone service last April and this September. While our Chatline service was still open during that time, our phone lines were unfortunately down. We are operational now and do not expect any further disruption, but we still feel that it is important to hear your feedback on the closure so that we can improve if we ever need to close again. Please feel free to use this form to share any thoughts, concerns, ideas or more relating to our temporary closure. We would also love to hear from you via our phone lines, 514-398-6246, or our Chatline service, Thank you!
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Please feel free to share any thoughts, concerns, ideas or more about our temporary closure.
Please feel free to share your ideas about how we can best support our callers while our lines are down. (E.g. sharing resources, advertising Chatline, etc.)
Please feel free to share any other comments regarding other aspects of Nightline.
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