All-State Choir Audition Entry Form
Texas All-State Choir Auditions Organized by: T.M.E.A. (Texas Music Educators Association)

Guidelines for Participation:

• Participation in the All-State Choir auditions process is voluntary. However, if you choose to participate you are required to participate in at least one of the following activities:
- Summer All State Choir Camp
- Hill Country Choir Clinic at VRHS 8
- A minimum of 4 voice lessons in the month of September from an approved voice teacher
• Students must complete this form and make their $25 payment in order to be enrolled in the contest. Please pay online at and click on “payments”. If necessary, make checks payable to “Raider Choir” but it is preferable for you to pay online. Registration fees cannot be refunded.
• If a student participates they will need to practice their music nightly. Music is provided to students unless they already received it at an All-State camp during the summer.
• Students are highly encouraged to make an appointment to attend weekly sectional practice with both Mrs. Justice and Mrs. Rhodes.
• If a student is selected at an audition, he/she is required to attend any clinics and concerts that are held for that audition level.
• Students will be removed from the process if they fail to attend any required activities or sectionals associated with the audition process, or fail to adequately prepare their music as determined by the choir director
• If a student signs up to participate he or she agrees to follow through the entire audition process until eliminated by audition.
• Students are encouraged to sign up for voice lessons to receive individual vocal instruction as well.
• Students must be academically eligible (70% or higher in all classes) in order to compete at all auditions. Please refer to the choir website for specific information about eligibility. Students must be eligible each time they audition (if they are selected to continue to the next level).
• Students must register by turning in a completed, signed participation contract.
• Join the Google Classroom to receive music, practice recordings and updates on auditions: dxaa9aj

Students must complete the Online Enrollment form by August 30th.

The Audition Procedure - At each audition, portions of the required songs are auditioned by every student from every school district. The students audition for a judging panel (hidden behind a screen) of 5 judges. The audition takes about 2 minutes. Each student receives a score for their audition and the highest ranked students in each voice part are selected to go on to the next round of auditions.

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