Urge the AAFP to support safe and legal abortion
Dear Board of the American Academy of Family Physicians,

We, the undersigned family physicians, are writing to let you know that we are very strongly in favor of having the AAFP be an outspoken supporter of access to safe and legal abortion. We want to see the AAFP and its chapters take a stand against the restrictive laws that are being passed. We are against gestational age limits, laws about facilities that are not evidence-based, laws that criminalize women and physicians, laws that ban non OB-gyns from providing abortions, laws that make access more difficult for the poor (Hyde Amendment), laws that delay access (mandatory waiting periods) and laws that make abortion illegal.

Abortion should not be a legislative matter, any more than any medical procedure. The doctor/patient setting is the place for abortion-related matters. Training in abortion care should be available in family medicine, and it should be returned to the arena of health care and out of the political spotlight.


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