Project Serenai Creative Contest Survey
Project Serenai's third creative contest concluded on the 31st of July, and now we'd like to ask a few things to be able to develop the contest going forward.
Did you participate in the contest this year?
If no, why did you not participate?
What is your opinion on this year's prizes? (1st prize : 100euro gift certificate, 2nd prize : 75e gc, 3rd prize: 50e gc. +3 random 10e gcs)
Do you have suggestions for other kinds of prizes?
Your answer
Which times of the year do you feel would be the best for having time to participate in the contest?
Do you have suggestions for future contest themes?
Your answer
Is there some way we could make the contest more interesting/attractive to participate in?
Your answer
Does any of these themes interest you for the future?
How did you hear about the contest?
Do you have any other general comments or suggestions for improving the contest?
Your answer
Thank you for participating!
Your feedback is valuable for our continued work with Project Serenai
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