DERAIL Forum General Evaluation Survey
As a participant of DERAIL from March 3-4, 2018, you are officially a part of a unique slice of Simmons SLIS history AND possibly of LIS graduate school history, in general. The DERAIL crew is proud of what we were able to accomplish in roughly 6 months, but we know we could improve. Please let us know your thoughts-- the good, the bad...and the fabulous!

Your responses are confidential and will be analyzed collectively with other participant responses. Aggregate data are used to provide the DERAIL crew with feedback regarding the collective benefit to the participants. Data may also be used in LIS-related conference presentations or meetings to demonstrate the importance of critical discussions in the LIS professions and educational programs. The data may also be referenced to promote similar events held at other LIS programs as well as publicity materials for DERAIL 2019. We will not disclose individually identifiable responses (unless explicitly stated by the responder).

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for joining us!

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