NYU NLP and Text-as-Data Speaker Series: Pre-Approval Requests [Fall 2019-Spring 2020]
If you have a valid NYU ID, you do NOT need to submit this form!
If you do not have a valid NYU ID, you must submit this form to request building access. If your request is approved, you will be added to the security guest list.

Due to very limited capacity, we can only grant access to:
- NYU graduate degree alumni
- close collaborators of NYU Data Science researchers
- researchers at peer research institutions
In order to be approved to attend a talk on a Thursday, you *must* request pre-approval by 10:00 AM the day before.

After your request
Requests are individually reviewed by the series organizers. Please do NOT email us to follow up. If you submit a request before the deadline, you will receive a reply no later than 1 day before the talk.

If your request is not approved, please do not re-apply unless your affiliation has changed.
Fine print
If approved, subject to the caveats below, you will be on our guest list for the entire current academic year (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020).
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