4th Annual Consent Crowdfund!
Thank you for kicking ass & making our consent crowdfunds so successful! This year we're leveling up our game with our new 501c3 non-profit and the Traveling Consent Tent that will be attending various burns this year. Our burn outreach efforts will include similar activities to the 11th Principle: Consent teams at Transformus and Ignite. Your donations help to fund extra swag, infrastructure, activity materials, and educational fliers.

We are almost ready to launch our online store where consent swag, educational materials, and bulk purchases will be available year-round. Stay tuned for more info!

Interested in our financial transparency documents from the last 3 years? Check out our website: https://www.11thprincipleconsent.org/financial-transparency/

FYI - Shipping buttons is expensive, which is why a single button is so expensive. They are not flat enough to be an envelope, so it goes as a package & costs $3.55.

Crowdfund sites take significant fees out for using their systems, so we choose to use an honor system. ALL design work & administrative work is donated by our volunteers, with special Ask First design donations from april h l (www.aprilhl.net) of the Lakes of Fire community.

Ready? Fill out this form to let us know what you're donating for and how you'll be paying. THANK YOU!

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3rd & 4th Stretch Goals: Let's taco bout consent stickers & buttons! STICKERS UNLOCKED!
2nd Stretch Goal: Sparkle Vinyl Decals by Dust Bunny!
1st Stretch Goal: UNLOCKED!
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