Abolition in Practice: A Panel Discussion
Please join CUNY NLG, PAO, BLSA, and FILSAA for a panel discussion about the prison system and abolition that seeks to center the experiences and narratives of people who are currently and formerly incarcerated. We are delighted and honored to welcome Alfonzo Riley, Jose Saldana, Denise Scott and Anthony Dixon to our school to engage with us on a variety of topics related to the prison system.

Alfonzo Riley was recently granted executive clemency after 31 years of incarceration. He is interested in the law, pursuing a career as a paralegal, and working on behalf of people impacted by the criminal justice system. Specifically he is working toward changing the law to get rid of felony murder and working on obtaining merit time for people serving lengthy sentences.

Jose Saldana is the Director of RAPP, The Release Aging People in Prison Campaign. Roughly 14-months ago, he was released from Green Haven Correctional Facility after a total of 38-years of incarceration. During his incarceration, some of his best friends had passed away. As he was being driven from the prison parking lot, he thought about his friends, and the good men he was leaving behind. He vowed that he would not go on with his life as if they never existed as if they didn't exist. This is why he advocates for genuine parole reform for all incarcerated people in the State of New York.

Denise Scott is a motivational speaker who uses her experience with mass incarceration to challenge and transform limiting mindsets around criminal justice. A survivor of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse, Denise utilizes a compassion-centered, yet ironically humorous approach to revealing the deepest horrors present in our justice system. From her encounters with wrongful incarceration in New Jersey and institutional racism while imprisoned in North Carolina, Denise raises awareness about the endless abyss which characterizes imprisonment in the U.S.

Anthony Dixon is the Parole Preparation Project’s Director of Community Engagement. Incarcerated for 32 years, Anthony has helped hundreds of people successfully transition to society. His advocacy work includes pushing key policy reforms and speaking the voice of stakeholders directly impacted. Anthony is a prominent national speaker and has received commendations for developing Breaking Free from Criminal Thinking, a program that has had a zero percent recidivism rate in the last seven years. Anthony is also a National Lawyers Guild scholar and the recipient of the 2018 Freedom Fighter Award issued by Citizens Against Recidivism.

Location: Community Room
Time: 6pm
Food will be provided.
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