We’re asking tenants to take a few moments to fill out this form if:

1. You've been informed by your landlord that your lease will not be renewed and/or if;
2. You are on a month to month agreement and your landlord has decided to discontinue your month to month agreement OR if;
3. Your landlord has given you a rent increase.

Currently, there is no requirement that landlords report this info to anyone except their tenants who are receiving the no-cause termination notice or rent increase.So, the full extent of the problem of how many tenants encounter destabilizing rent increases and no-cause terminations is unknown and no one is tracking it. If the data is not being gathered and the problem is not clearly exposed, we don’t have the information needed to make better and stronger laws to protect tenants.

We know that getting notice of a rent-increase or a no-cause termination/eviction notice is hard (to say the least!) and you have a lot going on right now. We're asking for about 5-10 minutes of your time to tell us about it in order to make change happen and better protect you and all Oregon tenants in the future.

The Community Alliance of Tenants wants to demonstrate to policy makers and elected leaders the extent of this problem. We are providing this form for Oregon’s tenants to report their no-cause notices or rent-increases to help us gather the data we need to expose just how widespread the problem is. We can’t make the changes we all need without your help!

HOW YOUR INFORMATION WILL BE USED: Confidentially, unless otherwise indicated by you.
We honor and respect your decision to share such personal information and appreciate your time. Please know that this information will remain strictly confidential unless otherwise indicated by you in this form. Your information will only be used to track the rent increase and no-cause termination data we need and will be converted into anonymous demographic information like household size, family status, race/ethnicity, general location (zip code or neighborhood), and outcome (moving, risk of homelessness, transportation impact, changing schools, etc.). If you wish to share your story with media outlets and/or with legislators, you will have the option to elect to sign up to do so at the end of this form.

This form will not be given to our Renters’ Hotline and will not be used to answer questions about your rights as a renter.

If you have a question about your rights or would like help with your rental housing problem, please call our Renters’ Hotline at 503-288-0130 during Hotline hours (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays from 1pm - 5pm, and Tuesday from 6pm - 8pm). You may also visit our website for Renter's Rights Information in downloadable PDFs at

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