Woven Lives Application: Wednesday, May 15 –Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Hello and welcome to Woven Lives Oaxaca: Following the Thread Workshop Tour Application!

​​We're are so happy that you want to join us for Woven Lives Oaxaca: Following the Threada 7-day fascinating journey to witness the profound changes in the lives of Oaxacan artisans since the production of the documentary Woven Lives: Contemporary Textiles from Ancient Oaxaca Traditions, where artisans talked about their connection to the past and hope for the future. Since 2010 there have been significant shifts in the artisan world: international visual communication through the internet, the trend in artisan products, children are grown up, booming tourism in Oaxaca, and a rise in collaborative projects between artisans and people outside of their community. We will visit the artisans from Woven Lives in their studios, see their work and discuss these changes and the challenges and opportunities that came with them.

Upon reviewing and receiving your application, we will reach out to schedule a follow up call with Kim & Carolyn if you'd like more information and send a payment link if you're ready to secure your spot for this embroidery intensive. 

You can check out a detailed day-to-day itinerary of our time together at 

Thank you for your interest. We hope to stitch with you in Oaxaca this Summer! 
Ana, Carolyn, & Kim 

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How would you describe your experience with weaving and dyeing? Are you a beginner, have some background, an exhibiting artist or professional/instructor?  We can tailor the curriculum to your level. *
What experience do you have with other textile arts? Or arts in general, visual or otherwise?
What are you most interested in learning?
What do you know about the [immense and incredible] arts in Oaxaca? Is there anything about Oaxaca that you know about that you cannot wait to see?
Do you speak Spanish? Beginning, intermediate or advanced?  (its Ok if you don’t, we just want to know if you do!). Any other languages in addition to English?
What are the main reasons you want to join these trips? Choose as many as you like! *
Do we have permission to use photos or videos of you and your work on the trip on social media and/or promotions? *
What is your experience with international travel? Do you have a passport? What languages do you speak, even if only a little? *
Do you agree that you will bring (at least) two COVID rapid tests, and agree to use one before dinner on Friday and if requested at other points of the trip to maintain the health and safety of our other guests, ourselves and our hosts?
Do you have any allergies, especially acute reactions (bee stings etc.)? Are you taking any medication that the group leaders should be aware of? Do you use an EpiPen or need any special medical attention?

We will have a basic first aid kit with us for our adventures (benedryl, asprin, burn kit, etc.), but if you require anything specific, please be prepared to bring that with you, as the pharmacies here may or may not have what you need.
Do you have any dietary restrictions or food issues we should be aware of? *
Do you have any physical impairments that might limit your ability to participate in hikes or activities? For example, do you get car sickness easily?
We have several options to participate in our workshop tour based on accommodations with a single room (with partner option), double occupancy room (2 participants), or local participant. 

Accommodations are included for 8 nights, with check-in on August 16 and check out on the morning of August 24.  Six nights will be at Casona del Llano, Oaxaca City. Two nights we will stay at Casa Elim in Teotitlan del Valle. 

There is an option of a single room at Casona del Llano in Oaxaca City.

All rooms at Casa Elim in Teotitlan are shared, two people to a room, each with their own double bed.

Please select which option you would like below:

$2450.00 USD Single Occupancy at Casona del Llano in Oaxaca (6 nights). Double occupancy at Casa Elim in Teotitlan (2 nights).

$2150.00 USD Double Occupancy for whole trip.

$1750.00 USD Local, No Accommodation (limited availability)

Single occupancy means your own room with one double bed.

Double occupancy means two beds in one room each with their own double bed.

Local means you live locally and do not need accommodations.

Meals Included:

Breakfast is provided during the day trip to San Pedro Cajonos (we leave early that day!) and both mornings in Teotitlan.

Lunch is included every day.

Dinners included: Welcome Dinner, two nights of dinners in Teotitlan and Farewell Dinner.

For meals not included you will have a chance to explore the rich culinary diversity in the city of Oaxaca.

EACH person must fill out this questionnaire to be eligible to come. 

We do offer an add on of $750 to have your partner stay and be included in Oaxaca walking tour and group dinners.  If you intend on traveling with your partner or spouse who is not participating, please indicate that below.

Payments for the trip shall be made in full, and include the NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of $500 so we can reserve accommodations, transportation and artisan workshops.

If you make this payment commitment, your deposit will be returned to you only on one of two conditions: the trip is completely canceled (all monies will be returned), or you successfully arrange for someone else to take your place.

Refunds for later cancellations will be returned on the following schedule:

120+ days before the start of the trip, total minus deposit;
90-120 days before, 60% refund (total minus $1000);
60-90 days before, 40% refund (total minus $1500);
30-60 days before, 20% refund (total minus $2000);
30 days before, no refund available

*Payment plans are available on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss paying in parts, please send kim@travelingtradersbazaar.com an email to explore this option.

We will be sending email correspondence with important information in preparation of our trip to the email you provided. This will include how to book flights, MUST-KNOW information about Oaxaca, travel updates & scheduling group video calls.  It is imperative that you will be responsive to our outreach to ensure that we are able to create the best experience for and with you! *
Is there anything else you would like us to know? A must read book? Some fun facts? What are you looking forward to?
Would you like to schedule a 15-30 minute informational call with Kim & Carolyn to learn more about the trip or ask additional questions personally?
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Filling out this questionnaire is required for attendance, but is not a guarantee of attendance. Space is limited on these trips because we want to make sure all of our attendees get the most out of the experience. Upon receipt of this questionnaire, we will reach out with a payment link, or let you know otherwise so that we can keep you in the loop for future adventures!
Here is what some of our recent attendees are saying about Traveling Traders Bazaar tours:

"It was amazing!!! We met so many super-talented artisans from all around Oaxaca, got to visit their studios and see how they work. It was a really special trip too because Carolyn and Ana have known the artists for ~20 years, so it felt like we were welcomed just like family into their homes and work spaces. I still feel like I have one foot in Oaxaca- I think I left my heart there. I can't wait to go back!"
                                                                                   - Melissa, Minnesota; 2023 Woven Lives attendee

"Wonderful and unique opportunity to explore the rich textile culture of Oaxaca, meet with extremely talented artisans, participate in hands on activities, bond with like-minded travelers and eat some of the best food in the world."

Lisa, New Jersey; 2023 Woven Lives attendee

"I traveled alone and returned home with eleven new friends." 

Kathleen, Wisconsin; 2023 Woven Lives attendee

We look forward to weaving together the incredible art and culture of Oaxaca with you this May! 
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