2018 AAJA Travel Stipends to N3CON
AAJA- Asia chapter will award THREE $350 stipends for any members coming from Asia and ONE $500 stipend for AAJA member flying from the U.S. This is part of AAJA-Asia's support for members and will help defray the cost of registration, travel, food and lodging. So all applicants must need to be a member of AAJA. Our Asia chapter's N3Con is a conference you don't want to miss! An opportunity to grow, network and experience all different areas of Journalism and a chance to think about the future of Journalism. Find out more at https://www.n3con.com/2018/

Application will be accepted until March 4, 2018 and winners will be announced on March 30th.

This exceptional stipends will be awarded based on the following criteria

1. 30% of points will be granted based on financial need.
Applicants should write a short statement describing this financial need.

2. 30% of points will be granted based on professional development goals. Using the previous years’ conference schedule as a guideline, applicant should outline how they feel they will benefit professionally from attending this year’s conference.
(Check out last years' conference schedule at https://www.n3con.com/2017/program/ )

3.40% of points will be granted based on the member’s past or potential contributions to the AAJA chapter. The applicant should write a short statement detailing his/her contributions to AAJA and/or how she/he plans to contribute in the future.

For any questions, send those along to carina.lee713@gmail.com . Good Luck!

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