Zenaida Cellars Wine Club Ship Members Survey
If you are a Zenaida Cellars Wine Club Member that we SHIP to, please complete this survey regarding changes to the SHIPPING schedule for the foreseeable future.

These changes are being considered due to the ordinance enacted in San Luis Obispo County mandating discontinuing the use of polystyrene (styrofoam). Zenaida Cellars will no longer be allowed to ship wine to you in the foam shippers with the ice packs to protect the wine from the heat of the summer months.

We have a couple of options that we are considering to avoid shipping the wine club in the late spring, summer, and early fall months when it is simply too hot to ship wine. These options were described in detail in the blog post where this survey was linked. Please refer back to that if necessary. We will go with the option that receives the most positive response. Please respond once per club membership. Thank you for your continued wine club membership. We appreciate your flexibility while we navigate the changes required with complying to this new ordinance.
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Ship Option #1 - Receive your wine club shipments twice per year (April & November, charged for 8 bottles of wine each shipment) April shipment will include the wines that would have been included in the February and May shipments. November shipment will include the wines that would have shipped in August and November. *
Ship Option #2 - Ship three times per year: February receive a 4-bottle shipment, April receive a 4-bottle shipment, November receive an 8-bottle shipment (would include the Summer and Fall wines). *
Ship Option #3 - Switch to Pick-Up, will be charged 4 times per year, same as in the past. Additional shipping will apply should you decide to ship later. *
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