Birth Strike Book Volunteer Survey
Birth Strike will come out in March 2019 from PM Press, but we’re writing now because we need your help. We’re planning a book tour, consciousness-raising meetings, a publicity blitz, and creative actions later in the year because the book is one element of a broader campaign to:

1. Expose the high birth rate agenda of the power structure (this explains why they’re coming after our reproductive rights!).
2. Show how the U.S. economy relies on women’s unpaid work, with employers and the rich benefitting disproportionately.
3. Defy the expectation that women will work a “double day”—a full day of work for pay and then eight more hours of unpaid care work and housework at home.
4. Use the leverage of our spontaneous “birth strike” to win our immediate demands for paid family leave, childcare (free like the public schools), guaranteed health care, and shorter work hours for all, all of which are in place in so many other countries.

To build momentum, we’re asking for your participation—by hosting a consciousness-raising group or book group, or organizing an author event, or reviewing the book. Please fill out this short survey and we’ll be in touch.

National Women's Liberation Members March
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