Eutopia Rising - Lunar Voyager Application
Thank you for your interest in Eutopia Rising events!

We host many of our sexy events and workshops at secret venues in an attempt to create a safer and more comfortable space for all of our guests. We aim to gather some basic information about our attendees in the interests of greater safety and accountability for everyone involved.

We call those people who we have accepted into our community our trusted "Voyagers". As an approved Voyager, you'll receive invitations to all of Eutopia Rising's private events moving forward. But before we invite you to travel along with us, we'd like to know a little bit more about who you are and what you like to do.

Your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will only ever be visible to the Eutopia Rising staff.

If you have a question or an issue with any part of the form below, please contact us directly at
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What is your first name? *
Doesn't have to be what it says on your official ID, just has to be what people actually call you
Do you have a separate scene name you like to use?
What they call you on FetLife, or in other sexyfuntimes contexts
What decade were you born in? *
Our events are only open to people 21 years of age and older. Alcohol may be served at some of our venues. By continuing to fill out this form, you are attesting that you are of legal age.
How would you describe yourself? *
What labels do you embrace as part of your identity? Trans Female? Pansexual Demi-Boy? Bisexual Werewolf? Non-binary Cyborg? Agender Nanite Swarm? Tell us what words feel most like they fit.
What do you look like? *
We'd like to have a image to recognize you by. This should be a recent, totally G-rated shot where your face is clearly visible. This photo will purely be used for accountability and security -- your physical appearance has no bearing whatsoever on the approval of your application. Please provide an image url below. If your link is on a private social media account, we can't see it! If you'd prefer to email your photo to us, just say "emailed" in the space below, and send your pic to Your application will not be approved without a photo!
Where can we find you online?
If you'd like to share a social media link or other website with us as a shorthand to let us more about who you are, provide the url(s) here. Facebook, FetLife, MySpace, whatever you think represents you well and lets us know who you're connected to.
What's your jam?
Tell us something cool about what you do, what you make, how you live, what you love. What do you dream of building? Where are you headed next?
How would you describe your current relationship status? *
Married? Single? Monogamish? One third of a closed throuple? Deeply enmeshed in an endlessly complex and unchartable polyamorous network?
What role does sexuality play in your life? *
What do you like to do? What would you love to do? What does it all mean to you?
What kind of experience do you have in attending sexy events? *
Have you attended erotic or kinky parties and venues before? If so, which one(s), and what did you like/dislike about them? If not, what is motivating you to attend one now?
Who would you be attending our events with?
We will not be enforcing a strict buddy policy, but we strongly recommend that folk come with backup, whether that person is a partner or just a good friend. Who's on your sexy party team? Please note that all attendees to our events must be separately approved, so please pass this form on to whomever you're listing here, if they aren't already on our list.
What do you bring to the party? *
Do you have any special skills or talents? Are you a cosplay fashion dynamo? Certified medical professional? Owner of a vast collection of very specialized equipment that you really like to show off? This community thrives on contribution and participation; everyone has something valuable to share.
How can we make our space safe and accessible for you?
Do you have any specific needs or concerns -- physical, mental, or otherwise -- that you'd like us to know about?
Are there any specific people whose presence at an event would make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable?
This is a good opportunity to let us know about people that might find their way to us, but who you believe to be problematic in some way, or generally toxic to our community. We can't guarantee that people you mention will be refused entry, but we will definitely read your input and take it seriously into account.
How did you find out about Eutopia Rising? *
Please be specific (i.e., which friend, social media channel, etc.).
Do you have any dietary restrictions?
Are you vegan, keto, kosher, or have a food allergy? We want to be able to accommodate you as best we can, so please let us know!
Are you interested in participating in our non-sexual community events and meetups? (Solar Events) *
In addition to our sexy parties, Eutopia Rising also runs events for all ages that focus on food, community, fun, and connection. We call these events "Solar Events". Like everything we do, joining in requires enthusiastic consent, so this is an invitation to opt-in to that kind of fun stuff.
What sort of events would you like to see more of?
We have space and enthusiasm to spare, and always looking for new ideas. What excites you?
What did we miss?
Tell us anything else you'd like us to know.
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