Pest animals negatively impact people's ability to make a living off the land, threaten local biodiversity and reduce the enjoyment people get from their property and surrounds.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPRID) has identified a number of pest animals as 'Declared' under the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management (BAM) Act. Landholders have a legal responsibility to control declared pest animals on their land, and it's DPIRD's role to manage any issues regarding compliance.

The role of the Peel Harvey Biosecurity Group (PHBG) is to work with landholders to better understand and identify pest animal issues in our region - we want to know about areas being impacted by declared pest animals so we can encourage and support landholders and land managers to implement control.

Declared pest animals currently a priority for the PHBG are FERAL RABBITS, FERAL PIGS, FOXES and RAINBOW LORIKEETS. FRUIT FLY is also a priority declared pest animal in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale.

The information you provide in this form will help the PHBG:
• communicate with landholders in identified pest animal hotspot areas explaining the importance and need for control, and what support is available.
• target and coordinate short- and long-term control initiatives where it's needed most.
• facilitate local landholder networks to achieve sustained control.
• provide free workshops and training in best practice control techniques.
• offer specialist equipment loans and access to subsidies on permits.

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