Vendor Application for Brony Bash Online.
Filling out this form means you may be picked to be an official vendor during Brony Bash Online 2020 V1

There will likely be an unofficial vendor hall as well during the convention, which it's perfectly fine if you choose to vend there instead of being a promoted vendor. Just in case there isn't however it's recommended to fill out this short form.
Email address *
Name or Alias *
Vending name *
Discord tag *
What are you planning to vend? *
Have you vended at other cons? *
If yes, how many?
Describe why you should be an officially promoted vendor during Brony Bash.
Put some effort into this. If you can't really be nice about yourself, ask a friend why you should be promoted during the convention. Friendship is magic after all. This question is optional, as I know there are many who find describing a difficult thing to do.
Provide some links to example merchandise. *
If you have an online store, that's generally a good enough example link.
Will you have AD content available? *
Brony Bash would like to give official vendors an equal, or as close to equal as possible promotion, AD content or not. Those serving mostly AD content would be given less general promotion to allow promotion of SFW content. However the AD side of the server would receive mostly AD content promotion along side some SFW content from SFW only vendors. As a clarification - AD stuff won't be promoted in any SFW channels.
Are you offering physical merchandise or digital goods. *
Physical art that's drawn and sent in the mail does count as physical goods. Thanks for asking.
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