Wmf's Flandre modding basement for newbies
Unlimited slots here. Condition: You have NO ranked map and this is your first 3 submitted map.

1) Make sure you're answering correctly.
2) Don't post the same map twice.
3) Don't type anything excess to produce difficulty for me to read. If you hv any enquires ask me irc.
4) Don't irc me and ask "when will you mod my map"

You are told that older maps, maps with less mods, maps with popped bubble/hearts will hv a higher chance to be chosen.
Link of map in http://osu.ppy.sh/s/xxxxx *
Your answer
Mapper's ID, write the requester with bracket as well. *
For example, if wmf requests mod for a map from Kawayi Rika, write Kawayi Rika (wmf).
Your answer
How long has your map been uploaded? *
Your map must be 2 month old to apply here. If your maps are more than 2 years old apply for the special queue.
Number of pages of your map thread? *
7+ --- don't find me unless your thread is mainly relaxing discussion or what.
How many mods you have recieve? (Approximation, don't count hard) *
Note that more mods recieved imply lower chance to get mod here.
What is the progress of your map? *
What is the status of your map? *
Popped stuffs will recieve much higher priority.
Length of the song? *
Number of diffs, including taiko diffs. Put number of taiko diffs besides with a bracket. *
For example, your map has 3 solo + 1 taiko, write 4(1).
Your answer
Genre of the song? *
Sorry, but this affect my choice.
Bonus character of the song
If your map belongs to them I'll likely going to mod yours.
Declaration *
I promise that the information filled is true, and I know that if they are false I'll be ignored from modding and will be moe-killed by Hakurei Reimu as an additional penalty.
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