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What would you like to be able to do with Fanplan?
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Cool! Now we have an idea of where you are coming from. Tell us more.
These next two questions are short. What do you want to do, and why? Think of it like this:

"I want to share my list of favorites with friends"

and then

"So they know who I want to see and we can coordinate our plans."

Sound good? Let's go!
What do you want to do? *
Why do you want to be able to do this? How will you use it? *
Can we follow up with you?
Some ideas are easy to understand, some need a little more explaining. If it's ok for us to follow up with you if we have questions, please give us your email address. We won't spam you or sell your name to any lists. We're trying to make something great for you, so we appreciate everything you care to share.
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