School Climate Survey - Grades 3-6
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I feel safe in my school. *
I feel safe in my classroom. *
I feel safe at lunch and recess. *
I feel safe before and after school. *
Students at my school know the school rules and expectations *
Students at my school follow the school rules and expectations *
I believe my teachers care about me *
I believe that my principal cares about me *
During this school year have you been complimented by an adult for doing the right thing? *
Do you think your school has a bullying problem? *
During this school year only, how often has someone been mean to you at school? *
During this school year only, how often have you been mean to someone else at school? *
Where do you see kids being mean the most in your school? Choose your top 2 locations. *
How are students mean to each other the most? Choose your top 2 answers. *
What did you do when someone was mean to you or saw someone being mean to another student? Choose all things you have done. *
What do the adults do at school when they see or hear of students being mean to each other? *
Do you think that your school does enough to teach students how to be nice to each other? *
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