NSCC Learner Technology Survey
Please answer the following survey to the best of your abilities. We will use this information to assess options for remote delivery of classes.
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What is your student id / N#? *
Do you have a smartphone? A phone that can view youtube videos and connect to the internet? *
What is the brand and model # of your smartphone?
Do you have a home computer - desktop or laptop? *
What is the brand and model # of your home computer or laptop?
Do you have home internet? *
What is the speed of your internet connection? (Go to this website and run a speed test - https://www.speedtest.net/)
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Which of the following do you have for your home computer?
Do you have a dedicated space for learning? *
Have you ever attended a remote meeting? *
Have you ever used Zoom? *
Do you use Google Calendar? *
How often do you check your school email? *
Do you follow any of the school's social media accounts?
Please feel free to share any additional questions, comments, or needs that you may have that aren't addressed in the above. We look forward to your questions!
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