Judge List 2021 - The Board Game Workshop Design Contest
Fill out this form if you would like to judge The Board Game Workshop Design Contest. The information in section 1, including your email address, will not be shared publicly. You can edit this form after submitting to make any corrections.

Judges may enter games in the contest, but they can not judge games in the same categories they have entered.

Please make sure you can receive emails from chris@theboardgameworkshop.com for contest communications.

As a judge you represent The Board Game Workshop. Judges should be critical but kind in their feedback and interactions with designers. The Board Game Workshop reserves the right to remove any judge and their feedback from the contest for any reason.

Contest Info: https://theboardgameworkshop.com/2021-design-contest/
Judge List: https://theboardgameworkshop.com/2021-design-contest/2021-contest-judges/
If you have any questions or would like to be removed as a judge, email chris@theboardgameworkshop.com.
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Each game in round two is paired with a coach for two 1-hour meetings to help refine their submission. Answering yes to this question does not commit you to being a coach, it just lets me know you are interested.
I am a publisher and would be interested in hearing finalist's pitches. *
The 9 finalist games will be presented in a speed pitching event in October. Answering yes to this question does not commit you to hearing pitches, it just lets me know you are interested. If you answer Yes or Maybe to this question, your information will be shared with Heather O'Neill who is managing the speed pitching event for the contest.
As a judge, I will give helpful and respectful feedback to all of the games I judge. I will judge a minimum of one game in the contest. I will not judge any games I have worked on or have a close relationship with. I will not judge any games in a category in which I have entered a game. *
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