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Open call for 8ECM Minisymposium Proposal
"A Minisymposium (MS) is generally a session of 10 or more coordinated presentations on a single topic of substantial current interest and importance in mathematics and its applications. The purpose of an MS is to group high-quality speakers at 8ECM who work in the same area of mathematics and are interested in each other's work. It is expected that a typical participant in 8ECM will attend 1-3 minisymposia. For the purposes of 8ECM, larger minisymposia are preferred. The MS organizer is the chair of the minisymposium and may also be one of the speakers within the minisymposium. The MS organizers are encouraged to select the MS speakers in such a way that youth equality and gender balance is achieved. Also, MS organizers are encouraged to include members of underrepresented minorities as speakers whenever appropriate.

Some important information:

1. Deadline for submitting MS proposal: December 1, 2019 at midnight (Central European Time).
The application form is available here.

2. Scheduling of an MS: Any minisymposium will be scheduled in such a way that the talks follow in the same day (or two days) in the same lecture room. Minisymposia covering similar topics will (if possible) not be scheduled at the same time. The sequence of talks is determined by the MS organizer.

3. MS proposals can indicate four types of MS contributions:
1 MS keynote talk (40 min),
5 MS normal talks (30 min),
4 or more MS short talks (20 min), and

4. At least 10 tentative oral contributions to a proposed MS need to be provided upon submission.

5. MS contributions. Any 8ECM participant may ask to contribute to a given minisymposium. The proposed contribution, together with the presentation form (20 min. talk or poster), may be accepted by the MS organizer.

6. Steps towards an MS. An MS that does not attract 10 participants that pay the congress fee by a given deadline is dropped from the list of minisymposia and the talks are rescheduled to congress sessions.

7. Approval of MS. Each potential organizer of an MS submits a proposal for organizing a minisymposium to the organizing committee. The local scientific committee examines the proposal and evaluates the proposal for its scientific strength. In the case of a positive evaluation the proposal is temporarily approved. When a sufficient number of participants (at least 10) pays the congress fee, the MS gets final approval.

8. Congress registration and MS. Each participant that pays a registration fee is entitled to at most one contribution at the Congress. The contribution may be oral or a poster. After submitting an abstract the author may propose the minisymposium or a section and the type of presentation. The minisymposium organizer or section leader may change the oral presentation to a poster (or even cancel the proposed contribution as unsuitable). All presentations outside minisymposia are short (or posters).

9. Proceedings of MS. Minisymposia organizers should be encouraged to seek publication of their participants' full papers for the Congress Proceedings.

10. Any questions should be directed to

11. Good to know before starting the submission: In the submission process you will need the following information (it is recommended you collect all these data before starting the submission):
- Your personal data including EMS ID and MathSciNet ID numbers (if available).
- Up to 3 MSC2010 codes best describing the proposed MS topic.
- Summary of the proposed MS in no more than 1500 characters, including spaces. The summary should be written to attract those who specifically work on your topic as well as those who work in related areas. We suggest the following outline: a) Explain the problem area to be addressed by the speakers and why it is important in significant applications. b) Identify current directions of research and methods being developed to solve problems, including their advantages and shortcomings. c) Describe the scope of your minisymposium. In the case that the proposed MS is selected this text will be published on the congress webpage to present the MS.
- Personal data (name, surname, email, affiliation) of MS Keynote speaker, 5 MS Normal speakers and up to 5 potential MS Short speakers (if already available) together with tentative titles of their presentations."

Technical guidelines:
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