Expats and Nomads in Italy
Hi there,

I am building an online tool to help expats, digital nomads, and anyone who lives or is planning to move to Italy. This tool will allow people to access and compare useful data about each of the 107 provinces of Italy (a "province" is a larger metropolitan area in which a city is located, which often comprises multiple smaller towns or "comuni"). 

By taking this survey you can help me collect further data about any province(s) you may have experience living in. 

Please only take this survey if you have spent an extended amount of time in any Italian city or province, either as an expat, digital nomad, or local resident. You will be asked to provide information about one city at a time, but you may take the survey multiple times if you wish.

Total duration of the survey should be no more than 5-10 minutes :)
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You can only provide data for one province at a time, but you can take the survey multiple times if you have lived in different cities.
Data Consent Agreement

Participation in this survey is voluntary. By taking part in this survey you agree that any data you provide will be stored and processed anonymously and will be used for the purpose of launching a new online tool for expats and nomads who live or want to move to Italy. No sensible or personal data will be collected.
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