RWFL 2020 Ambassador Programme
The Run/Walk For Life Ambassador Programme aims to give back to those members who actively promote the Run/Walk For Life brand and represent the ethos and philosophy of Run/Walk For Life.

The expectations
- The agreement is valid for 12 months.
- Ambassadors are required to inform Head Office or The Social Media Company of any races they competed in.
- Ambassadors are required to send regular photos of them in Run/Walk For Life gear, at the branch and/or branches – as a minimum, once a month.
- Ambassadors should share content from the main RWFL Facebook page at least twice a month.
- Ambassadors should post about RWFL or share photos of them wearing RWFL gear on social media at least/a minimum of twice a month.
- Ambassadors should supply Run/Walk For Life with at least one written piece about their journey with Run/Walk For Life in the form of a testimonial. They might occasionally receive interview questionnaires from RWFL to complete. (An ambassador doesn’t have to be a great writer. Our copywriting gurus will assist with editing any written content supplied.)

What do Ambassadors receive?

- Free membership of the RWFL programme for 12 months
- Free annual membership of the RWFL athletics club
- Free access to the online version of eatForLife
- A free entry into the annual FitSlim Challenge
- A free entry into the annual Progressive Marathon
- Free sponsorship of selected items of the RWFL kit
- Any other Run/Walk For Life kit at wholesale prices
- 1 pair of ASICS shoes

Run/Walk For Life does not tolerate any form of hate or hate speech. If an Ambassador displays any form of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry publicly or online, they will be removed from the Run/Walk For Life Ambassador programme.

Not all applicants will be approved, and Run/Walk For Life reserves the right to not fill all the Ambassador spots.
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