Rules :
1. The content of the article must be original, and the images and videos must not infringe the copyrights of others.
2. Please indicate the pictures, data sources and references in the article.
3. If the article is found to be plagiarized or infringed, the relevant articles and manuscript fees will be void.
4. The theme is limited to food, travel, fashion and technology.
5, the content includes: article title, author nickname, content (500 words or more), pictures and texts.
6. After the submission, the editor will review, add, delete and modify.
7. Within 7 days after submission, if the reply is not received, the manuscript is not suitable for publication.
8. reserves the right to amend the relevant regulations at any time without prior notice.
Draft Fee:
1. After The manuscript has been approved and published at ,it can begin to calculate the draft fee and page views (PV).
2. The PV calculation for each article is 30 days. After 30 days, the PV will not be counted.
3, 1000 PV is equal to RM3.50.
4. If it reaches 2000 PV, each manuscript will pay RM15 extra bonus. In other words, if an article reaches 10,000 PV, the contributor will receive a RM35 fee (RM3.50 x 10) + RM15 (bonus) = RM50.
5, PV and rewards need to accumulate at least RM100 in order for application of money withdrawal.
6. After the application is submitted, the draft fee will be paid by online banking transfer within 14 days.
7. reserves the right to amend the relevant regulations at any time without prior notice.
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