B-Rad New Show Application - Fall 2020
Please follow this link http://benningtonradio.com/bylaws/ to learn about the by-laws behind the station! You can apply for multiple slots but please fill out separate applications for each! Also feel free to email radio@bennington.edu with any questions/comments/concerns/love notes...

APPLICATIONS DUE SEPT. 23 AT MIDNIGHT !! You will hear back from us about scheduling/training soon after that. ;^) <3
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Are you planing on doing your show live and in the B-rad studio (two people in studio max), live from your personal computer, pre-recorded?
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B-Rad is a 24 hour station, are you comfortable with a late night slot? please note that there is the possibility of pre-recording and uploading. *
I have read and agree to the terms outlined in the Bennington Radio By-Laws [http://benningtonradio.com/bylaws/], and agree to consistently attend my show, to treat the studio space and equipment with respect, to be mindful speech and conduct on air. *
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