-  Women in a Loop  -                                                                                                                 Life Stories  -  Physical Theater -
-  Women in a Loop -  is a physical theater project.

I am Anaïs, a performer, and this is my project.
In talking with women from my family or others who are in some way close to me, I realize how fragile our social condition is as women.
What did our mothers live through? And what was passed on to us by and through them?

As a performer, I want to recognize and appreciate the successions of women’s lives from one generation to another.
On stage I want to embody their stories with movement and sensitivity.

I would be so grateful if you would contribute to this creative process by entrusting me anonymously with stories and anecdotes you know from your mother or other female ancestors, relatives and friends.

I will guide you with this questionnaire (FR/ Engl / Deutsch aslo willkommen) :

Lien Version FR:

Once you saved this questionnaire, you can always come back to complete it, and if you wish to change it or add to it, you are also welcome to return to it after you have submitted it.

For dramaturgical reasons, these entrusted stories will almost certainly be modified and re-assembled with others.
I will only receive your replies and not your personal information. (This questionnaire doesn' t transmit any other information. If you have received this questionnaire by e-mail, rest assured that your email address will not be revealed).

Some questions are very intimate: please feel free to reply whichever way you want, with whatever mood suits that you. You are not obliged to answer some questions if you do not wish to.

To know more about the project - Women in a Loop -
Contact me: lifestoriestheater@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Women-in-a-Loop-107318614651934
About me: https://www.anais.land/

Thank for your trust.
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Are you a
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What is your age range?
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What region of the world are you from?  In what region do you live?  (Creative and poetic responses welcome).
Choose an iconic object that reminds you of your mother or yourgrandmother. Which object is that? Why does this object remindyou of that person?
Have you witnessed an historic event? What were you doing when you saw what was going on?
Have you ever suspected or uncovered a family secret? How did you find out? How did you feel when you got to know about it?
Do you remember a social/historical/political event during your childhood or adolescence? At this very moment, did you have a specific concern that had nothing to do with that event? What  physical sensation and emotions at that moment do you recall?
Have you heard about or experienced an anecdote  from your family, that seemed absurd to you at the time, or even does so now?
What has been / have been the most emotionally painful moment/s in your life so far?
What did you learn from your mother?
Did your grandmother and your mother experience historicallysignificant events? Which ones? Do you know how they felt orreacted?
Thank you VERY veEEry mUcH for your trust and for investing your time in my project "Women in a Loop". Is there an anecdote or something else you would like to add concerning: What is the"legacy" / heritage from woman to woman?
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