iLRN 2020 Guided Virtual Adventures - Proposal Form
Please use this form to submit a proposal to offer a Guided Virtual Adventure tour at iLRN 2020, the 6th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network, which will take place online and in virtual reality from June 21 to 25, 2020.

Before completing this form, please ensure that you have read in full the information at

*** The Guided Virtual Adventures are intended to be a social activity, and as such, platforms and environments to be toured must support interaction among multiple users. For other types of platform or environment, please consider offering a Workshop ( instead, and/or participating in the Immersive Learning Project Showcase & Competition ( ***
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In Title Case, please. We recommend using the name of the platform or environment, followed by a descriptive subtitle, e.g., AcmeVR: An Immersive Workspace for Collaborative Engineering Design)
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Must start with http:// or https://. This should be the official product or project website (if available), rather than the URL from which the platform/environment itself is accessed.
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A one-paragraph description of your platform or environment and of what participants can expect/will do during the Guided Virtual Adventure tour (200 words max.), to be included in the conference program. The iLRN 2020 Organizing Committee reserves the right to edit for clarity and style.
Which of the following best describes the platform or environment that participants will tour during your proposed Guided Virtual Adventure? *
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Tour group “departure” (start) times you are able to offer (all on Sunday, June 21) *
Select all that apply. We recommend at least 3, ideally spread throughout the day. You should allow 5 minutes after the start of the hour for participants to arrive before commencing the tour, and the tour MUST conclude no later than 55 minutes past the hour in order to give participants time to move to their next session. This means that the tour itself cannot exceed 50 minutes in duration.
Tour guide(s)/leader(s) *
Name/s of the person/s who will be leading each offering (start time) of the tour selected above. Please use one line per guide, and enter the information in the following format: Title, Last Name, First Name, Email, Institution/Organization, Country, [List of start times in Los Angeles time]. For example: Dr., Smith, Wendy,, Acme Inc., United States, [0900, 1200, 2100, 2220]
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Excluding the tour guide(s)/leader(s)
Which of the following devices can be used to access the platform or environment? *
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How will attendees be able to access the platform or environment? *
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Is the platform or environment freely and openly accessible? *
If not, how do you intend to provide access to participants?
Instructions for participants *
Hardware and software requirements; what you would like them to do to prepare for the Guided Adventure; where they should meet you at the start of the session—e.g., in the virtual conference venue (strongly recommended if the platform/environment to be toured is primarily web-based or desktop accessible), join directly via your platform, etc.
Additional information/comments or special requests for the Conference Organizing Committee:
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