Pupil Views - September 2019
Gathering pupils views from HMI questions.
I feel safe when I am at school
My school helps me to feel safe
I have someone in my school I can speak to if I am upset or worried about something
Staff treat me fairly and with respect
My school helps me to understand and respect other people
Other young people treat me fairly and with respect
My school is helping me to become confident
My school teaches me how to lead a healthy lifestyle
There are lots of chances at my school for me to get regular exercise
My school offers me the opportunity to take part in activities in school beyond the classroom and timetabled day
I have the opportunity to discuss my achievements out with school with an adult in school that knows me well
My school listens to my views
My school takes my views into account
My homework helps me to understand and improve my work in school
I was given good advice to make choices about taking the subjects that are right for me
Staff help young people to be responsible for their own behaviour
I feel comfortable approaching staff with questions or suggestions
I am given the opportunity to influence what and how I learn
I enjoy learning at school
I feel that my work in school is hard enough
I know who to ask to get help if I find my work too hard
Staff help me to understand how I am progressing in my school work
The feedback I receive on my work helps me to improve my learning
I am encouraged by staff to do the best I can
I am happy with the quality of teaching in my school
My school deals well with any bullying
I was well supported if I moved to a new school within the last year
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