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* Only Level 1 graduates are eligible for Level 2 certification & only Level 2 graduates are eligible for Level 3 certification regardless of experience, other training, etc.
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Host duties may include assisting the Instructor Trainer(s) with local information, providing a site review prior to the course, receiving printed materials, taking photos during the course and conducting regular email correspondence with the BICP manager to ensure a high-quality, well-organized event for the participants. Please refer to our BICP host information above this form.
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Most of the level 1 course is taught on a flat open area
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Does this location require special use permits or fees? *If yes, provide fee amount and application process information along with a contact name & number of the facility mgr. *
Inclement Weather Plan: *In the case of inclement weather, what will be the back-up plan for on-bike skills training? Examples are covered pavilions, large barn, ballroom sized activity room, etc. We need approximately 60-80 square feet of the protected area. *
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