UTA Esports Collegiate Smash Signups
Collegiate Smash for both Smash4 and Melee will consist of:

- 5v5 crew battles against other colleges with a $15,000 prize pool
- Singles brackets exclusively for college students with pot prizing

The first event will be a local qualifier at FX Game Exchange on Saturday, October 14th.
Participants may be required to pay their own venue fee at each tournament.

Five players and one substitute will be selected for the crew based on results at Maverick Mayhem, the on campus weekly, which can be viewed at smash.utaesports.com or melee.utaesports.com. You must be a full time student (or grad student) to sign up.

For more information, ask in the #supersmashbros channel of our discord at discord.utaesports.com or message @Des | Ryan

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